Gaming the word says many things and a lot of people know the meaning of it, which is basically performed by a majority of people to pass their time but for some it means more than just it. People love to play games while on the go on their smartphone and have a great time while playing them encountering the marvelous experience offered by them. The main thing about it is done by all and loved whether of what age or what genre it is enjoyed by everybody.

Smartphones serve the purpose of aiding the user to play and enjoy several games of various genres to provide the entertainment on the go. There are many people owning a PS3 / PS4 video console game having a mind-blowing experience while playing the graphics richen games on it. What if you can use the PS3 / PS4 controller of the video game console for playing the games there on your Android smartphone without any problem or trouble, yes you can do it. Through the controller you can have a great experience while playing the game on the smartphone encountering some unusual moments through it.


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Using PS3 / PS4 Controller on Android to Play Games:

There are not a large number of games which are compatible with the third party controllers for allowing you to play the game with it. So make sure that the game for which you want to use the controller is compatible for the third party controller to be accessed to play the game. Basically you can use the controller on emulators which have the supportability of third party controllers or the Android version of Game of War supports gamepad for playing the game. PS3/PS4 controller is a DualShock 4 wireless controller.

Step 1:

First of all you have to get your controller ready to make it possible to be connected with the Android device. The controller will be connected with the smartphone through Bluetooth and will easily accessible without any problem.

Step 2:

You have to press two buttons to make the controller ready for connecting with the device. Hold down the share and PS Symbol bearing button simultaneously till you see the light bar begins to show a white flash. Now on the device turn on the Bluetooth and search for devices, you will see the controller name stated as Wireless controller tap on it to connect.


Step 3:

The connection will be performed in no time and you will be able to access the DualShock 4 wireless controller on the device. Now open the game which you want to play with the help of the controller.

Step 4:

As there are many games of various genres which will be having their different way of managing the controls. Open the game and enable the third party gamepad option on it to play the game through it.

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