PlayStation has made a large following through the help of the features and experience offered by the video gaming console aiding the player to have a marvelous time on it. There are many games available for the gaming console which aid the people to encounter a gaming go through as never seen earlier. About a year ago Sony released the new video gaming console PlayStation 4 which contains the next generation features and characteristics which make the playing experience more beneficial and interactive. PS4 offers a lot more than just gaming to the people in order to provide them more control and command on the video gaming console.

As we all know there is no match of playing games through a controller as it provides more benefit than any other way of playing the games. While there are many people who also love to play games on their desktop and laptop but have to play through the sophisticated keyboard and mouse. On playing with the keyboard and mouse we are unable to play well and as they have to manage them both in order to maintain the co-ordination. Many people ditch them and use the controller for getting a better control on the game and play them as expected.


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Using PS4 Controller/Gamepad on Mac OS X:

Several people own a PS4 and Mac system, but also enjoy engaging in games on their Mac system also for having a brilliant playing experience. If you are a Mac user then you easily use a dual-shock PS4 controller on your Mac OS X for avoiding the tiring use of keyboard and mouse to get the desired experience on playing the game. Here is the guide through which you can access the PS4 controller easily on your Mac OS X system without any sort of trouble.

There are two ways through which you can easily connect the PS4 controller easily to Mac.

Method 1: Through Micro USB Cable-

The first means of connecting the PS4 controller is with the help of a USB Cable, make sure you have a USB cable which is supportable by a DualShock controller. Initially you have to plug-in the cable to the controller and then you have to connect the controller to the system by plugging the other end.


As there is no need of configuring the controller on most of the games for making them work properly, but some games require it so head to the settings of the game for setting the controller up.

Method 2: Wirelessly Through Bluetooth:

Go to the System Preference of the Mac OS X then turn on Bluetooth in order to pair the Mac system and PS4 controller with each other. On your PS4 controller you have to push down the PS button and hold the Share button till you see the light at the top of controller begins to blink speedily. The blinking showcases the entering of PS4 controller in pairing mode.

USB Cable

Now on your Mac system you will see the controller labeled as Wireless Controller, then click on it to pair with the controller. As you pair with it, close the System Preferences and use the controller in the game.

How to Use PS4 Controller / Gamepad on Mac OS X
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