Adobe Flash Player is a tool aiding the people to use content present on the internet develop with the help of Adobe Flash platform providing them to view multimedia with streaming video and audio. The Flash player can easily be utilized from the internet browser through the plug-in which comes pre-installed or can be installed by downloading online. Numerous people stream videos and other related content on the internet and for proper functioning of the content Flash player is needed on the browser of the system. The popularity of the tool can be evaluated with the fact within six weeks of release of a new update of the tool about 400 million people download and install it on the system to access the features offered.

The mobile browsers don’t need Flash Player to stream videos and several other related content. Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile operating system get HTML5 videos by default from the web developers to run the videos properly and making the user to enjoy the streaming video. Unlike desktop browsers need the Flash Player to run and stream the videos properly with efficiency. But if you have uninstalled or removed the Flash Player on your internet browser then also you can run and watch the video on browser. If you want to know more about it then see the guide provided below aiding you to acknowledge the procedure to be followed in order to watch the videos without Flash Player.


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Watch Videos on Browser without Flash Player:

You can run and watch the videos despite of not having Flash Player by making the servers to think that your desktop browser is a mobile browser containing no flash player tool. The trick is useful but won’t function on every site just work on the modern websites as they offer HTML5 to video player of the browser instead of giving Flash Player one.

Every browser has a ‘user agent’ which serves like an identification reported to web servers, for example if you are Google Chrome browser on your Mac system then the browser will communicate to the web server that it’s Mac system which is using Google Chrome browser to connect. Just like this if using Safari browser on your iPhone, the browser will tell the server that it is a Safari browser on iPhone trying to connect.

User Agent

Modern browsers nowadays come with an option allowing the people to change their user agent easily but the process is quite lengthy and troublesome for many people. You can use these extensions for your Chrome and Firefox to make the process.

Make sure you choose the user agent as iPad because it is more supported as compared to an Android smartphone or tablet. The change in user agent will allow you to watch videos without Flash Player with the same quality and expected enjoyment.

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