Twitter is a widely acknowledged internet based online social networking platform where the people having their accounts can write and read the messages of 140 characters popularly known as tweets. The social networking service was developed in 2006 about 9 years ago for providing people all around the world to share their thoughts online with others. The service is highly accessed by people which can be acknowledged by the fact that 360 million tweets are posted on the site on daily basis. Many people and critics have named Twitter as the SMS of internet and is one of most-visited websites containing about millions of users onboard.

The main problem while using Twitter is the character limit set by the site which is 140 making the person to write the particular not more than 140 characters. The people find it uneasy to write or post their tweet within the 140 characters limit as expressing something in limited words is not a pretty easy task. Due to the character limit many points and words are omitted, the person has to make most of it in the limit prescribed. The character limit can be broken and you can post or express your view in characters which are more than the 140 characters easily, here is the guide provide below you to do so.


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Writing A Tweet Longer Than The 140 Characters Limit:

Tall Tweets is an online tool allowing you to write tweets which are more than the 140 character limit of the site. The tool is easy to use and access offering great efficiency aiding you to reach the desired result to compose the tweet exceeding the character limit. Tall Tweets can be used for composing the tweets consisting of tweetstorms and text shot both which split them in separate multiple tweets coming one by one in a sequence automatically.

With the help of Tall Tweets you can post short essays, copy/paste Word documents and other related contents easily without thinking of the character limit present in Twitter. On Twitter with the help of this online tool you can read the tweets present on your account’s timeline along with viewing the people following you. Tall Tweets is secure for posting the long tweets as it will not provide and authorize anyone to access the direct messages of your account.

tall tweets

Step 1:

First you have to click on the link provided above which will direct to a new tab where you have to login and authorize Tall Tweets to access the Twitter account.

Step 2:

Now compose a tweet manually or by pasting a copied text. After you have completed the tweet hit on the Publish button to make the written tweet to be posted on your account.

Step 3:

Any form of hyperlink will be trimmed by in order to provide maximum focus on the content on tweet.

How To Write A Tweet Longer Than The 140 Characters Limit
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