Ice Age is a widely loved animated movie series created by Blue Sky Studios which is a part of 20th Century Fox comprising of four movies and it was started in 2002 with the first installment naming Ice Age. About 2 years ago Gameloft developed and released Ice Age Village for providing the franchise lovers to encounter the same experience and entertainment just as offered in the movies. The game got a lot of attention and was largely acclaimed by people; the company recently launched the sequel to it for providing the people more of their favorite animated franchise.

Gameloft offers a lot more than the previous installment of game in Ice Age Adventures making the people to experience the new features present in it. The game contains the same movie characters Sid, Manny and Diego embarked on a new adventure with new obstacles and difficulties on the way. The player has to play a 3 mini game match on the game to save the animals with the entire herd. It is a puzzle game where you have to match three similar items in the given items which will aid you to clear the level. Ice Age Adventures offers a great visual graphics making you addicted to it and aiding you to play it for hours on your device.


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Features of Ice Age Adventures APK for Android:

  • Play with the iconic characters of the movie allowing you to encounter the same experience as while watching the game.
  • See and view incredible environments like snowy islands and etc offering you diverse levels to play on with beautiful animations giving life to present characters.
  • The game offers a unique storyline containing all the original voices of the offered characters to play with or play as.
  • Play as Sid and Scrat in order to get more entertainment while saving along with using the animals.
  • Compete with your friends through the offered multiplayer mode in daily challenges and earn big by beating them.

Ice Age Adventures

Ice Age Adventures APK Download

Ice Age Adventures APK for Android Download:

Step 1:

You have to first download the APK File of Ice Age Adventures from the link provided above on your desktop. The download from the given link above is safe and secure which will not trouble your desktop while using it.

Step 2:

After the download is completed you have to copy/move the downloaded file to your Android smartphone or tablet. You can transfer the file through the help of a USB Cable which will connect the device to the desktop.


Step 3:

On the completion of the transfer you have to disconnect the device from the desktop properly and look for the file on your device through the file manager.

Step 4:

Tap on the file to begin the installation process which will need a minute or two to be completed and will be there on the App Drawer of the device.

Ice Age Adventures APK for Android
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