iGetter is a complete powerful, full featured download manager for Mac OS X. If you owned a Mac system, it’s time to install some of the most useful software on your system. We recommend you to go with iGetter first. It’s known as the best download manager for Mac system. There are a number of such Download managers available, however they don’t serve reliable user interface. This iGetter is a complete user friendly Download Manager and you’ll definitely make use of it every day. iGetter for Mac Free Download is now available and you can download its full latest version from the below report. Keep on reading!

  iGetter by TechRaze

iGetter accelerates the download speed of any file on your Mac. There comes a time when we always try to download something from the web from our respective system. Well, iGetter will take place in your system and will manage everything that you are downloading. It’s a complete professionally built download manager with which we can easily manage the downloading files. You don’t need to follow anything or to open any other additional pages, all the downloads will be saved in iGetter’s page easily.

iGetter has got a huge list of features to get you the best experience of using a Download manager. To know more about this tool, let’s have a look on to some of the Key features of this extra ordinary download manager tool, iGetter.

Key features of iGetter for Mac

  • Add new downloads instantly by clicking on the New tap
  • Delete, start, pause, start auto and pause all functions to manage downloads
  • See all downloading files at one place
  • User can check out the current downloading speed of a particular file
  • Go to the downloaded files folder instantly
  • Mirrors feature allows you to search any files from your menu
  • Schedule downloads instantly to start downloading process on time
  • User can schedule downloads on particular dates and time
  • Site explorer feature allows you to visit the entire FTP server site

iGetter for Mac iGetter for Mac 1

These were all the incredibly useful features available on this world’s most popular download manager for Mac system, iGetter. The tool is absolutely for free and available in a number of different languages. However, there are people who prefer only to use an English version. To download iGetter for your current Mac system, you just need to follow the below download button. Go and grab it now!

iGetter for Mac Free Download – Full Latest Version


To download iGetter for Mac Free, you just need to click the above Download button once. Download process will take place itself. After a while, you’ll have an installation file of iGetter downloaded to your PC. After that, you just need to drag out the file to your applications folder and iGetter will be right there on your Applications folder.

To get started with this tool, go to your dock and click the Applications folder. Search for the iGetter’s icon and click that out. iGetter will be right there with all the above mentioned features on its front page.

iGetter for Mac Free Download – Full Latest Version
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