Windows Phone is one of popular mobile operating system formulated by Microsoft for tablets and smartphones serving as the replacement to disaster Windows Mobile. The operating system was formulated with aiming the business and enterprise market rather than the other mobile operating system having the target at consumer market. The first version was launched about 5 years ago in 2010 with the name Windows Phone 7 having a Modern design user interface formerly acknowledged as Metro to make the user to feel different while accessing it and making it unique as compared to Android, iOS etc.

The company has launched the latest version of the operating system Windows Phone 8.1 delivered with full features in the first half of 2014. The new version is an update for people who were using the Windows Phone 8. Nokia is the biggest manufacturer of Windows Phone OS, the smartphones developed by the company run on Windows Phone. Nokia Lumia series is one of most popular smartphones available in the market running on Windows Phone operating system. Nokia and Microsoft work in partnership for the Lumia devices one giving the gadget and other one giving the working.


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 Installing Apps on Nokia Lumia from PC or SD Card:

The applications running on Nokia Lumia (Windows Phone) are coded in .XAP and APPX format which is a universally renowned format for running the apps on Windows Phone OS. The apps present for Lumia devices are sometimes large in size being up to 40MB, which makes the smartphone user unable to download the big applications due to inability to access the Wi-Fi all the time. The mobile operating system allows the users to install the apps on the device through the SD Card making it easier for the people having Windows Phone running smartphones.

SD Card

The guide is available to aid you in doing so; it will work on the latest version of Windows Phone (Windows Phone 8.1) if you are using the previous version, then you have to update your smartphone.

Step 1:

If you have downloaded the app in your PC from the Windows Phone Store then transfer the downloaded file to your device by connecting the device with the PC through the data cable and doing the transfer.

Step 2:

Copy the file to your SD Card or phone storage of the connected device and then disconnect the device from the PC. Open the Windows Phone Store on your Lumia device.


Step 3:

You will see 3 dots in a line present in the left side of the page, tap on it to open the menu of the Store. Select the Install Local Apps option where you will find the app transferred in the device. Choose the app and install it. You can also install several apps at the same moment through this process.

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