Android has made a craze on people that they love the operating system and are attracted towards the features offered by it to them. With the operating system the person can have enjoyment, entertainment also perform their work and other functions with ease. There are several applications present for making the Android device user to have a great time while using it; the apps are vast in number also of several genres to provide the user to have a great and large ecosystem having every app what user expects and needs to use.

Android devices come with internal storage which varies with the manufacturer and the apps downloaded by the user whether from the Play Store or from the internet are directly installed to the internal storage of the device. Mostly every app gets installed in the internal storage of the device by default and shortens the space left on it. You can also move the apps from the internal storage to external storage (SD Card) in Android, but when some refuse to move and not have the capacity for shifting from the internal storage. If you are facing the same situation then see the guide below.


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Installing Apps to SD Card in Android:

There are two methods through which you can install apps to SD Card in Android and use the apps on your device. You can perform the methods as per suitability of your device and make the load on the internal storage to be lessened for better functionality and performance.

Method 1: Using ADB:

Download the Google’s Android SDK from here and install it on your system also ensure that you have Oracle’s Java JDK there in your desktop. Open the SDK launcher on your desktop and download the package on your desktop, then install the downloaded package.

Enable the USB Debugging on your Android device by going to the Settings option, then tap on the Developer options and check on the box stated USB debugging. Connect the Android device with the system through the USB Cable and let the system to acknowledge your device.


On your Windows system open the folder with the name ‘Platform-tools’ it will be at C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools. Now open a command prompt by holding the shift and right click on the folder. Then type the following commands:


     adb devices
     adb shell pm set-install-location 2
     adb shell pm get-install-location

The last output would state 2[external], if it is there, then you have successfully change installing apps route.

Method 2: Through the Move to SD card option:

The apps have built-in preset to be transferred to the external storage. Just go to the settings of the device open the Apps category and tap on the move to SD card option for moving the app to SD card.



It is for some apps which have the preinstalled option for doing so.

Install Apps to SD Card in Android [How to]
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