While surfing the internet on the browser we all use the extensions and add-ons to make the browsing experience to be easy and to have more control on the browser. Through the help of these add-ons and extensions the functionality along with working of the browser can be increased to enhancing the control on the browser. They have basically a low to high user interface for managing them to provide limited control to the extensions. Extensions serves as means to perform various purposes as one can use a particular extensions for capturing screenshots of the page and with another extension managing of passwords can be done.

On Google Chrome the person has to download and install the extensions from the Chrome Web Store which are available on it. Chrome Web Store has a vast number of extensions according to the preference of the person willing to download and install them from the store for accessing the extensions for getting better browsing experience. As the Web Store contains numerous extensions but not every extension available out there in the internet for Chrome, only the extensions present on the store can only be downloaded on the browser. If you wish download an extension from the internet and try to install it on Chrome an error message will pop-up avoiding you to do so.


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Install Google Chrome Extensions and Userscripts Not in the Web Store:

If you are keen for installing the extensions and userscripts not available in Chrome Web Store then for help you to in doing so, here is the guide through which you can perform the manual installation of the extensions on Chrome.

Method 1: Drag and Drop

After you have downloaded the CRX file (.crx File for Extensions and .user.js file for userscripts) then open Chrome browser and go to Wrench menu.  Click on Tools and select the Extensions for opening the Extensions page. Now open the folder where you have saved the CRX file of the extension and drag the file to the extensions page of the browser then drop it there.

drag and drop

As soon you have dropped the file the installation of the extension will begin and it will ask you whether you want to add the extension on Chrome.

Method 2: Allowing Extensions from Outside of Web Store

If you want to always and frequently perform the installation of extensions not from Web Store from internet, then by adding a command line flag you can do so. Go to Chrome shortcut’s properties by right-clicking on the Chrome icon and select the Properties.

always allow

In the Shortcut tab you have to go to target box where you have to write –enable-easy-off-store-extension-install after the .exe, now close the working Chrome windows and save the changes made. Now try to install the extension from the webpage which will now be allowed after the changes made installing in the same way every extension from Web Store installs.

Install Google Chrome Extensions and Userscripts Not in the Web Store (How To)
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