iOS is the second most popular and renowned mobile operating system developed by the technological giant Apple. Apple has made a significant place through the devices running on iOS OS. The latest update in iOS operating system is iOS 8, launched for people with many new features and hundreds of new things. The company has stated that the new update is the biggest and has many new items for the users to try them. iOS 8 is getting good and positive reviews from the people and as well as from the tech critics.

The person how has just changed its operating system from iOS 7 to iOS 8, has got an innovative feature in the keyboard through the new Quick Type keyboard. There are many users who are happy with the new keyboard, but who are not fond of the new keyboard can switch from it by installing third-party apps present for keyboard. The operating system allows the user to use the keyboard according to your preference and choice. You can also change the keyboard and install the one which you feel is good than the preinstalled one.

third party keyboard

Steps to Use Third-Party Keyboard App on iOS 8:

We used Swiftkey Keyboard for doing the process due to being the most acknowledged and appreciated app among the keyboard apps present for the smartphones.

Step 1:

Download the application from the iTunes store and install it in your iOS 8 device. After installing the application, the app will formulate its icon on the home screen for the access to it.

Step 2:

For enabling the installed keyboard open the Settings menu of the device and go to General, then Keyboards and navigate to Keyboard. Tap on the option of Add a New Keyboard and choose the keyboard just installed by you. The third-party keyboard is now enabled and you can access it when needed.


Step 3:

For giving the keyboard the access of Internet fully for making the app synchronizing the typing profile on your all devices. You can do so by opening the General option present in the Settings and select the keyboard for adding in the screen for enabling the ‘Allow Full Access’ to it.

Note that there are reports that it can be a security issue and the keyboard install may transmit the user’s private data such as the password or credit card information. Enable the access at your will and on the basis of how much information you want to be shared with the third-party app.


Step 4:

After choosing Swiftkey Keyboard as the preferred keyboard to use and the default keyboard of Apple will continue to appear several occasions. For removing this problem, you can Edit the list of the keyboards present in the Settings of the device and moving the selected keyboard to the top will help to make it the default one.


Step 5:

By tapping on the Globe button for a couple of seconds will allow you can select the third-party keyboard app installed for typing.

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