Whenever it is asked about the feature of Android which being loved by them, many will answer that the mobile operating system is customizable and many changes can be through the customization. Android devices are customized through custom ROMs and making the users to add more new features to the device. There are various ROMs present for Android smartphones, each having distinct features and uses from each other making them different and unique. ROMs are made for making the device to reach the next level in user interface through flashing it in the device.

You can access multiple ROMs on your device and choose which ROM to flash, enjoy the pleasure of testing various ROM on your device and benefit from them. But when it comes to choosing it one ROM from the multiple ones present, the person gets confused how to do so. You can choose anyone ROM from the multiple, through BootManager application. BootManager is a multi-boot application and it aids the users to install up to four ROMs in external storage (SD Card), having the capacity and creditability to stabilize the usage of the multiple ROMs. On your rooted phone, it will help to efficiently manage the ROMs installed with making user interface to be attractive and making the phone perfectly work.

Custom ROMs

Features of BootManager:

  • Manages the installed ROMs efficiently and properly.
  • Helps in choosing different ROMs, among the multiple ones present.
  • Can make the user to get the benefit of the flashed multiple ROMs.
  • Good and efficient in working with a simple user interface.


Steps of Using Multiple ROMs on Android Smartphone:

Step 1:

As you know the rule make a backup of the ROM used by you in your device currently. Then select the ROM of your choice and save it as zip file on your external storage (Memory Card).

Step 2:

Open the BootManager, then the application will backup your boot.img necessary before doing the installation of ROM. When this is completed then select the zip file of the ROM present on your memory card


Step 3:

After selecting the ROM for flashing and click on the three boxes containing ‘Wipe Data’, ‘Wipe System’, ‘Wipe Cache’. All the three process will take time and will require your patience.

Step 4:

Once the process is finished then the option booting the device into the new flashed ROM will pop-up, click on ‘Done’ option for completing the process.


For booting into the multiple ROMs you open BootManager and select the option ‘Boot Installed ROMs’. On selecting the option the list of installed ROMs will show up and choose the one among the others, and then the device will restart into the ROM selected. The application allows the flashing of five ROMs at a particular time.

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How to Install and Use Multiple ROMs on an Android Smartphone
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