iOS is considered as one of best mobile operating system present with the fellow competitors formulated by Apple for their smartphones and tablets. Mainly the iOS is developed for the company’s iPhone smartphone and iPad tablet series allowing the people using the devices to have an extraordinary experience while using the operating system along with having a great time. Recently Apple launched the update to their iOS operating system which iOS 8.1.3 for their customers accessing their devices in order to get some plenty of features aiding them to encounter some great experience.

The new and latest iOS 8.1.3 update for the Apple devices got a lot of appreciation due to the features present in it. It offers the public flexibility and aids them to enhance the stability along with boosting their performance. But the main problem with the update is the battery life draining which has increased making the device to perform less and do the functioning less as expected from it. Many people have complained about battery life draining issue of the iOS 8.1.3 when they updated the operating system and access their devices after the update. It is a common issue encountered by the iOS 8.1.3 user which is not a simple and easy problem which can’t be handled without a fix. We have the fixes aiding you to solve the problem faced by you while using your device on iOS 8.1.3.

ios 8.1.3

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Fixing iOS 8.1.3 Battery Life Draining Issue:

Basically the battery life of the device is directly connected to the usage time low battery drainage results in increase time of using the device, but the high battery drainage does just the opposite of it. The issue makes the user disable to use the smartphone or tablet as he/she expects to do so. We have some tips aiding you to slow the battery draining issue making you to utilize the smartphone/tablet just you expect to access the smartphone/tablet.

  1. Switching off the Dynamic Wallpapers:

The latest feature in the iOS operating system available with the update and offers some delicate images to be set as wallpapers for locking the home screen having some animations. The animations generally puts pressure on the processor, you can disable them by going to Settings and tap on the Stills present under Choose Wallpapers option.

  1. Turning Off The Automatic Updates:

There are several updates which the Apple App Store automatically installs in the device in background without any notice of user. You can turn them off by going to Settings iTunes and App store, then scroll down to reach the Automatic Downloads and turn off the Updates key.


  1. Push Notifications:

Push Notifications give a big burden to the battery life of the device as you continually receive them while on the internet. It should be turned off for the apps that are not used much often as it relief of the battery drain.

  1. The Motion Effects:

While moving between various pages there are several physical effects like to utilize the gyroscope data etc resulting to use the battery more than needed. To decrease it a switch is there under the Accessibility option present in General on the Settings option.


iOS 8.1.3 Battery Life Draining Issue Fix (How to Guide)
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