iPhone is one of most popular smartphone having a long and huge following present in the world developed by Apple Inc. it runs on iOS mobile operating system which is also for formulated by Apple. The first version and smartphone of the iPhone series was released in 2007 to provide the people a new and different way of using phones. Many people are fond of the iPhone series and love to use the smartphone for the features offered by it to them for utilizing it for personal use. The phone has created a large impact on people by the design, look and feel created by it on them while using it.

There are several problems and errors present in the iPhone making the user to become annoyed easily while working on the smartphone. Sometimes after jailbreaking, updating or restoring the iPhone causes the user to experience that the smartphone doesn’t boot properly and makes the user unable to use it. The smartphone doesn’t moves ahead after showing up the Apple Logo and gets stuck on it. This problem is easily to give tension and a mini-heart attack to the user experiencing the error, but it can be fixed easily and the device will not ever cause this problem after fixing it.


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iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo Fix:

The problem can be fixed easily and the device will run properly, just it is there due to any misstep done while jailbreaking, updating or restoring the iPhone for making it more properly work and perform efficiently. While doing so the user has to follow every step properly to avoid these sorts of problems. Here are the steps for solving this error and making it reboot properly.

Steps of Fixing iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo:

Step 1:

First you have to connect the iPhone to your computer after switching it off by holding the Sleep button with the help of the USB cable.

Step 2:

Open iTunes on your system and hold on the home and Sleep button for 10 seconds. Holding these two buttons you will direct the smartphone towards DFU or recovery mode.


Step 3:

When it enters the recovery mode release your finger from the buttons and iTunes will popup saying that the device is being detected in DFU mode and is recognized by it on the system.

Step 4:

Now the final thing you have to do is to restore the iPhone and for doing this, you have to go to summary of iTunes menu and an option will be present stating Restore iPhone just click on to restore the device.


The restoration will require some minutes after which the iPhone will reboot itself and the error will fixed along with solved

iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo – How to Fix this Issue Easily
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