As residents of India we all must have traveled through trains from one place to another which serves as the easiest and cheapest of transport. The Indian Railways is one of the largest railway networks present in the world carrying 22 million passengers to their destination on a daily basis. People mostly prefer the Indian Railways for travelling from one location to another and book their tickets from IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering & Tourism Corporation Website) making the ticket booking process to be convenient. IRCTC is a good and primary e-commerce site of the country having the largest transaction share of the travel industry of India.

IRCTC’s website is sometimes sluggish in use working slow resulting in inability of a person to book the tickets. The site is generally criticized due to performance and turns out to be even poorer when the festivals are around. Most of people visit the site for booking the Tatkal Ticket which basically sums ups to about 40,000-45,000 in a regular day and in a specified time circle. The booking of the Tatkal tickets are performed in an hour and all the tickets there are sold in that one hour. There is a massive load on the servers of the site which sometimes makes the site to crash and tough to get the tickets in the crowd where thousands of people are trying to get their tickets.


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IRCTC Login – Fast Tatkal Ticket Booking Trick:

The person seeking to book the ticket has to login in the account present on the site, if there is no account then undergo the long process of creating one. Tatkal ticket is also booked through the account but even then we are unable to book a ticket speedily at the moment of need. We have a trick for you through which you can book the Tatkal ticket fast and easily without any problem.

Step 1:

You have to download an extension named Autofill on your browser whether Chrome or Firefox. Visit the half an hour before the time of booking hour, go to the usual booking ticket page and fill the details.

Step 2:

Follow the procedure and reach the payment gateway where you have to stop. The extension will remember the details allowing you to avoid the refilling of them while going to book a Tatkal ticket.

magic autofillmagic autofill

Step 3:

Another alternative to this tool is Magic Autofill which is similar to the former. With the tool you have to fill the details as done above and click on the option ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’.

Step 4;

Drag it to the bookmark made for the Tatkal ticket and after choosing the berth etc click on the tool which will do the rest of the work. Making you to quickly reach the payment gateway and booking the ticket speedily.

IRCTC Login – Very Fast Tatkal Ticket Booking Trick
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