Apple is majorly known among the world due to the devices and products made by them offering great accessibility to the people encountered while accessing them. iPhone, iPad & iTouch are amongst the popular devices developed liked by a majority of people allowing them to get great features to make the using experience to be awesome. People eagerly wait for the newer versions of the devices containing the latest upgrades formulated and present to ease the using of the smartphones. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch run on the iOS mobile operating system developed by Apple for providing the people to have a unique user encounter than other OS.

Basically the company offers a great measure to secure the data of the smartphones and tablets developed by them avoiding the leak or theft of it. The people seeking to get and share large files on their device find it unable to do so through the help of torrent clients. The download of torrents is not possible on the iOS device as accessing torrent clients is legal whereas the downloading of torrent file is illegal coming under download of copyright material. Many people can do the download of torrents on their Windows, Mac and Android operating system but are deprived of performing this on their iOS device.


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iTransmission for iPhone, iPad & iTouch:

The iOS users (iPhone, iPad & iTouch) generally have to perform the jailbreak process in order to make their devices to be supportable to the torrent clients and performing the download of torrent files. The jailbreak is long and time consuming process which generally people want to avoid for getting the access to the desired content. We have a way through which you can get the torrent file and perform the download of the same on your iPhone, iPad & iTouch. Through iTransmission you can do the download of torrent files on your iOS device without any trouble or jailbreaking it.


iTransmission for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Step 1:

Open Cydia App Store to perform the download of iTransmission on the device and install it after the download is completed. The process will be finished in a couple of minutes. The link provided above will also aid you to get the file for your iOS device.

Step 2:

Launch the application after the installation of the file is completed. You have to get the torrent link of the file which you want to download through the app.


Step 3:

After getting the link of the torrent file just copy the file link and paste it on the app. The download of the file will begin and you will need a good internet connection on the device in order to download the file fast with ease.

With this guide you will be able to download the torrents file on your iPhone, iPad & iTouch without facing any sort of difficulty in the process.

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