Instant messaging applications have become a good medium of connecting and communicating with people, it offers people to chat online with real-time content transmission over the internet. An individual can compose and send hyperlinks, files along with do VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and video chat with others. The applications use the contact or buddy lists of the user to make possible the connection between users, giving them a direct peer to peer transmission. There are outnumbered apps present to give the public a medium of communicating over the internet, having some strong and attractive features for making the user to use them as their main app.

Kik Messenger is an application of instant messaging genre made for mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows and etc. The messenger has followed the footsteps of the Blackberry Messenger having alike concept as to it. It accesses the data plan of the smartphone or the Wi-Fi connection for transferring and receiving the messages to and from others. It was being founded in 2009 by a group of students as of University of Waterloo aiming to develop new possibilities in technology to be accessed on smartphones after which they name themselves as Kik Interactive. After one year in 2010, it was released for public use and within 15 days of release it collected around 1 million users which were registered in the app. The application was advertising and its publicity was made through the social networking site Twitter, contributing to reach the 1 million mark.


Features of Kik Messenger:

  • An instant messaging app having a built-in browser for users.
  • Awesome texting experience and making the users to love while messaging through it.
  • Discover that your message is delivered, sent or has been read or not.
  • Good user and sleek interface making it to use easily and with comfort.
  • Moving ahead from the traditional way of sending and receiving messaging than it was in the past.


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Kik Messenger APK Download for Android (Latest Version):

It is a good app for instant messaging offering people to have a unique way of texting others and receiving their messages. Download it and encounter the awesome features of the application seen never in the past time. Here is the guide for installing and downloading Kik Messenger APK in your Android device.


Kik Messenger APK for Android Download

Steps of Downloading and Installing Kik Messenger APK:

Step 1:

Execute the downloading process from a reliable and protected link/server for evading the virus attacks on your system, Download the messenger’s APK from the link given above and it is the official Google Play Store link.

Step 2:

Download procedure will be completed in a point of time, then you have to transfer the file to your device from the desktop through USB cable and search for the file on the smartphone.


Step 3:

Tap on it for initiating the application installation, it will take a couple of moments to complete. After that it will be there on the App drawer for accessing it.

Step 4:

Open the messenger from there and encounter the amazing features of the app on your Android device.

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