Kik Messenger is a great application for people allowing them to be in touch with others, it is developed and maintained by Kik Interactive aiming to bring the center from the computers to smartphones. It has recently hit the 150 million users mark and is available for on use on Android, iOS and on Windows Phone, it was made on the line of BlackBerry messenger. The messenger is a free of cost application with some distinctive features offering the public to have an interactive medium of connecting and interacting with people. People can share various file of several content like video, images and audio. The recognition of the application can checked with the fact that 1 million users are active on it as daily basis and it has got an outstanding 4.3 rating on Google Play Store.

The instant messenger has been also named as top and No. 1 application on iTunes in the free social apps category in the year 2012. Twitter, the social networking site has aided the company to create awareness and publicize about the app for making more people to be get linked to it and experience the benefits of it. The application is quite said as the alternative to various other instant messaging clients for its different qualities, doing the common function in not so common way. Connect with strangers at any time you want through Kik messenger.

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Creating the Kik Messenger Username for Accessing the Application:

For using the services of the application, the user has to be registered with a username known as Kik username, choosing the one upon the availability. It is quite confusing to choose a particular username which is perfect for the user and will be a unique one. If you are confused too, then you can use the directives given for solving the confusion of selecting a Kik Messenger username.



Point 1: Keep it concise and appealing

Choose and formulate the username which is precise and has the pleasant feel making the other person to keep it in mind while on the messenger. Use like loverboy123 having quite good look as compared to hbkfeelno232. Try to make the username which showcases your personality and character making your first impression a perfect one.


Point 2: Username should have some frequent terms

Kik messenger is used by people on a daily basis and users basically search for others to connect with them, if you have a username having some frequent words like nice, beautiful, smart and many more than you will be in the first page of the search results.


Point 3: Avoid the use of special characters more than once

Special characters like @, #, $ and etc should not be mentioned in your username often as they may look unique but it sometimes results in confusion that whether that your friend may not recognizes you. Let’s take a case suppose that your name is Joseph Miller and you thought to pick J@e$p# M!!ler, it completely ruins your name and makes it unreadable at first look.

Point 4: Avoid your Full name

As the messenger it is used for personal and causal use, then what is the requirement of giving full information. Make it causal and also the username should have the connecting feel.


Kik Messenger Usernames
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