Emails are largely sent and received by many people to communicate with others for exchanging the information. Businesses uses it mostly due to offerings making it a suitable medium of sending and getting messages. We all send important emails to people and eagerly wait for the replies for the sent email as they consist of some basic information crucial for working. Sometimes the mail sent is uttermost important for us and we want to get the immediate reply. During these matters you can know if your email has been read or not through the guide given here.

You can basically track your email delivered and was it read by the person to whom it was sent. Through the help of simple guide you can acknowledge the process of checking that the email has been read or not. With some add-ons you can check and track the sent mail basically these add-ons are for Google Chrome internet browser as it is one of most accessed browser on desktop when it comes to surf the World Wide Web. Among the various add-ons BananaTag is the one of popular add-on which is free of cost and provides the service without a single charge. Working efficiently and properly it allows you to get track of the sent easily.


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Knowing If the Email Has Been Read or Not:

Basically BananaTag functions as you expect from it along with Gmail it also works on Outlook. The extension is been reviewed by many people and all of them have given it a thumbs-up. Generally the Chrome extension is best suited for people who are job seekers or professionals wanting to acknowledge whether there email is been duly received and read by the recipient. The sender can know that the person whom he/she has sent the mail has ignored the message and showed its way to the trash.


How it Works:

Step 1:

Open BananaTag from the link provided on Chrome and create a free account which allows you to track 5 emails without any fee. The service is also premium based but if you don’t want that you can continue with the free account.

Step 2:

The extension will downloaded on your Google Chrome browser, then open up your Gmail account to test it. Login the Gmail account with your id and password.


Step 3:

Then go to the Compose option in order to formulate a new email, when the compose box opens see on the Send option below. You will see a ribbon bearing options Track Email and others.

Step 4:

Just check the Track Email box and type in your message. After typing the message just send it to the person to whom you want to.

When the mail will be opened you will receive a mail stating the IP Address and location etc of the person to whom you sent the mail.

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