There are various instant messaging applications present for people offering them to connect with other persons and break the physical barrier present between them. Line is also a popular application allowing people to do instant messaging on their smartphones and making them to also make Voice over IP calls and hold audio/video conferences over the application. The application is being published and developed by Line Corporation, named after seeing the popularity of the messenger. Line is now widely used on various operating systems Android, Windows Phone and many more giving the smartphone users to have the communication gap between people to be lessened.

The application was basically launched as a disaster response for helping the telecommunication sector damaged in the terrifying earthquake took place in 2011 helping them to communicate with each other through the application. Line was released for public in the first half of 2011 and laid its path to greatness within 2-3 months, it made people to like and make it a part of their daily life for communicating. It offers various features to the user for making the communication a fun to do thing. LINE has made people to have a alternate way of communicating and connecting than what others apps offer to people.


Features of Line:

  • Giving you a new way of connecting people and communication with friends along with loved ones.
  • Transfer and share video, audio etc files through the application.
  • Send stickers for making the conversation fun and expressing the words in action.
  • Call people through the VoIP feature present in it and make audio/video conferences on it.
  • Various other tools for making the application to be different from the messaging app league.



LINE for Android Download – Latest Version:

Between many messaging applications like Skype, WeChat, WhatsApp and etc, it becomes confusing sometime to choose among them for using. Basically all messaging apps are same and have similar features, but want to experience something different and unique from others, then download LINE for Android for your Android smartphone.

LINE for Android Download


Steps for Installing LINE on Android:

Step 1:

Foremost thing you have to do is to get a virus-safe and good link for downloading the APK file of the cross-platform messaging app. The link provided above is up to the mark and will help the application on your desktop.

Step 2:

On the completion of the downloading process, transfer the file from the desktop to the smartphone through USB cable for making the transfer process fast and completing it in time.

Line Tools

Step 3:

Then disconnect the device and the USB cable from the desktop, locate the file on your device.

Step 4:

Now tap on the file for initiating the installation process and the process will be completed in a couple of seconds.

After this you have got LINE for Android and now enjoy the application with its features.

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LINE for Android APK File Download – Latest Version
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