If you are worried about the privacy issues of your favourite chat apps Facebook and WhatsApp, it’s time to set up a privacy over these apps. What if you can lock down all the important apps with a passcode? What if the app always asks you to enter a passcode before to get launched? Well, it is actually possible now. If you are a proud Android user, you actually can lock down all of your favourite apps on which you want to set up a passcode. How to Lock Facebook and WhatsApp on Android Phone is explained here. More details are as follows! 

Android offers a huge number of apps and games on its Google Play Store for different types of Android Smartphones and Tablets. You can easily install your favourite apps and games on your respective Android device from Google Play Store. It works easily and you can quickly get a hands-on of your favourite app or game. To lock Facebook and WhatsApp on Android Phone, there’s an app called, Messenger and Chat Lock. You have to get started with this app, in order to set up a privacy with a passcode on Facebook and WhatsApp. A complete detailed tutorial is given here.

How to Lock Facebook and WhatsApp on Android Phone

Step 1 :

First thing you need to do is, install Messenger and Chat Lock app to your Android device. If you are unaware about it, kindly follow the below given link and get it installed right from that link.

Download Messenger and Chat Lock for Android

Step 2 :

After the app gets installed, kindly open your apps menu and tap on to the icon of this app. The app will be launched on your phone’s display asking you to enter a four digits passcode.

Lock Facebook and WhatsApp


Lock Facebook and WhatsApp 2

Step 3 :

Enter a unique four digits passcode twice and you’ll be presented a list of all the apps which can be protected with a passcode. See, there’s Facebook and WhatsApp available on the list. You need to turn the security on by tapping once on the name of the app. You’ll be done!

Lock Facebook and WhatsApp 3

To test it out, close down this app on your device. Open apps menu and tap on the Facebook or WhatsApp’s icon, you’ll be asked to enter a four digits passcode. You have to enter a proper Passcode which you had entered at the time of launching the app for the first time.

That’s all you have to do in order to secure your favourite chat apps from other users. This was the simplest way to lock Facebook and WhatsApp on Android Phone to keep a complete security from other users of your device. No one will be able to open these apps without entering a Passcode. You are requested not to let anyone know your Passcode. Of course, you can reset your Password as well. There’s a complete customizable settings option available on this app.

What’s your take? Are you satisfied with this app? Do share your views and opinions with us. Meanwhile, if you have anything further to ask, kindly let us know. We would like to interact with you regarding your queries and questions. Stay tuned for more such updates!

How to Lock Facebook and WhatsApp on Android Phone
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