We all perform many functions and working on our PC which makes us to be worried about the safeguard of the files, documents and folders related to the personal, business aspects of our lives. We use various things to avoid other people to sneak into our desktop and see the information which they should not as they may misuse it making that to be inappropriate for us. Some people hide the files, documents or other things, some lock the files with software to make it safe from others and many perform further process to secure their important files.

In midst of several functions to secure and safeguard to protect the PC from other people, you can perform the locking of your desktop with USB Drive. This method is unique and diverse from the other ways of safeguarding your PC from the reach of persons using the system simultaneously and avoiding them to access the content that you want to hide. It helps to provide you to have an extra layer of security to your PC making you to avoid any sort of worry present in the mind regarding safekeeping of the PC and the files present in it. There are various softwares aiding you to perform the locking process of PC with USB Drive, we have chosen two to show how to lock / unlock PC with USB Drive.


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Locking / Unlocking PC with USB Drive:

The software will help you to perform the locking and unlocking of PC with making you enable to protect the PC with an upgrade. There will be no sort of trouble posed by the software while performing the security assurance on the system enabling you to entrust the software for using them for the purpose you have got them.


Download Predator from the link and install the app on your PC. It is a free version of the app but you can buy the premium version which has more features than the free one. Open the app after the installation process is completed and connect the USB drive. A dialog box will appear with some preference options which you can manage according to your choice.


Then set your desired password ensure that it is a strong one, you can also alter/change if you feel the previous one was not good enough. A flash drive option will pop-up, select the USB drive through the name which will create a key and then click on OK.


Another application available for free and performing its function properly along with efficiently standing on the expectation made through it. Download the WinLockr from the link provided and install it after the download completes. Open WinLockr and type the password for locking the PC.



Set the preferences upon the choice which you feel is best then plug the USB drive and click on Install on USB after choosing the settings. After performing this entire click on Lock Windows to complete the process.

How to Lock / Unlock PC with USB Drive [Trick]
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