A Keyboard shortcut is a way to get on to a particular function of a Mac just by pressing out a combination of Keys from a Keyboard. If you are a proud Mac OS X user, you got to check this following list of the best Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts to work more productively on your Mac. 

Mac Shortcuts

Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

Before we move on to the Shortcuts of Mac OS X, you should be aware that there are a number of different Keys available on a Mac’s Keyboard with Command, Shift, Function and all.

⌘ Command Key

fn Function

⇪ Caps Lock

⇧ Shift Key

⌥ Option Key

⌃ Control Key

These were all the important function Keys which are already available on the Keyboard of your Mac System. By using the combination of these keys, you can get done many tasks which can be called as a Shortcut Key of that particular task. Here’s the list!

1. Command+ Space – Open Spotlight 

2. Command+ Shift+ F4 – Capture a custom Screenshot of the Window

3. Command+ Control+ Option+ Eject – Shut down the Mac

4. Command+ Shift+ Delete – It clears the Trashed box 

5. Command+ A – Select All

6. Command+ C- Copy

7. Command+ V- Paste

8. Command+ X- Cut

9. Command+ S- Save

10. Command+ Q= Quit

11. Command+N- New

12. Command+Z- Undo

13. Command + M – Minimize the Window

14. Command+W- Close the Window

15. Command+ P – Print

16. Command+ F- Find

17. Command+ B- Bold

18. Command+ I – Italic 

19. Command+ U- Underline

20. Command + E- Eject

21. Control+ A= Go to the beginning of the Key

22. Control+ B- Move one character Backward

23. Control+D- Delete the character of the cursor

24. Control+ E- Move to the end of the line

25. Control+ F- Move one character forward

26. Control+H- Delete the character behind the cursor

27. Control+ K – Delete from the character in front of the cursor to the end of the line

28. Control+ L- Bring the cursor to the Center of the line

29. Control+ N – Move down one line

30. Control+ O- Insert one line under the cursor

31. Control+P- Move up one line

32. Control+ V- Move down one page

33. Command+ Shift+ Tab – Move backward through a list of applications currently being run

34. Shift+ Tab- Navigate through controls in a reverse direction

35. F9- Tile or untile all open Windows

36. Command+Delete- Move to Trash

37. Command+Shift+Delete- Empty Trash

38. Command+ Shift+ Option+ Delete- Empty Trash without any confirmation dialog

39. Command+ 1 – View as icon

40. Command+ 2 – View as list

41. Command+ 3 – View as Columns 

42. Command+ 4 – View as cover flow

43. Command+ Comma- Open Finder Preferences

44. Command+ Shift+ Question Mark- Open Mac Help 

45. Command+ Left Bracket- Go to the previous folder

46. Command+ Right Bracket- Go to the next folder

47. 8- Move up

48. K- Move down

49. U- Move Left

50. O- Move Right

So folks, these were all the very useful Shortcut Keys to make use of them on a regular basis on your Mac OS X. By using them, you can do a number of tasks quickly to become more productive. User can make a list of these Keys and use them to get the instant user interface of a Mac.

What’s your take? Do you know any other Keys? Do share them with us so that we can add them up into the above list. Your suggestions are always welcomed!

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