Cortana is a voice assistant by Microsoft for their Windows 10 operating system accessible on desktops and Windows Phone devices. The voice assistant was mainly developed for Windows 10 supported devices but seeing the overgrowing demand and popularity of personal voice assistant like Google Now and Siri, the company decided to present it for both iOS and Android. Microsoft reportedly stated that Cortana will be available for Android in the mid of the year and for iOS it will be there later in the year to give people access to the great features present in it to simplify their using experience.

But a day or two ago the beta version of Microsoft Cortana for Android got leaked and hit the web before the official launch date of the application. The leaked app is ready to be downloaded and installed on the Android device for exploring the characteristics present in it. There are speculations about the security and safety of the leaked Cortana assistant application but many people have downloaded and installed the leaked version of the app and are using efficiently without any sort of trouble on their Android device. The application performs the basic functions like about the weather, make her call somebody there on your contact list or create reminders about a particular thing.


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Microsoft Cortana APK for Android Download:

It lacks the iconic ‘Hey Cortana’ voice assistance feature when you use the application and makes the user experience to be deficit as non-availability of this prominent feature. You can download this leaked version as to acknowledge the features offered and get to it in order to use the official version easily coming with some added features launched by Microsoft. The guide is provided here aiding you to know the process to download and install it.


Microsoft Cortana APK Download

Step 1:

You have to first download the APK file of Microsoft Cortana from the link given above on your desktop. The link and the file provided are safe for use and it will not harm the system on accessing the link.

Step 2:

After downloading the file you have to transfer/copy the file to your device through the USB cable on your Android smartphone or tablet. The transfer process with the USB Cable is easy and fast as it will connect the device with the system.


Step 3:

Disconnect the device from the desktop properly and look for the transferred file on the device with the file explorer.

Step 4:

Tap on the file in order to begin the installation of the application. The installation will require a couple of minutes to complete after which Cortana will be there in the App Drawer of the device.

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