Microsoft has made pioneer in the technological industry through the development of Windows operating system for the public and increasing various factors of a person like productivity, functioning, efficiency and several other things to boost the working. After the launch of first Windows operating system in 1981 the company has made significant and remarkable changes. Microsoft Visual C++ is a commercial (also available as free version) having the tools and features enabling a person to perform the debugging and formulate C++ code written for Windows API, DirectX API along with the Microsoft .NET Framework.

The first version of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable was launched about 21 years ago which regularly developed and updated by Microsoft on yearly basis. It serves as an important component as many software are written with the help of Microsoft Visual C++ and aids the person to run them properly. Many software need the Visual C++ in order to execute efficiently, function good along with run with full performance. The most efficient ones in the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable series are the 2010 and 2012 versions providing the person to have the best for C++ library directory.


Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2012 & 2010 are previous versions of the Visual C++ but quite popular and widely acclaimed than the newer versions available for the people. The tool is a must have for Windows operating system for running the applications smoothly and aid them to perform their function perfectly along with full efficiency.

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Download Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2012 & 2010:

If you want to have the efficient versions of Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 and 2010 as to avail along with accessing the services offered in these versions. As they have capacity expected by you and will perform as you want according to the system. You will have more use than your thought. The links are given below for downloading the tool and after the download process install it on your system.


Download Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2010

Download Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2012

Microsoft Visual C++

The links provided are safe and secure for performing the download, not hampering the security of the system while accessing the links. On clicking you will be directed to the official Microsoft page from where you can get the desired version of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for your Windows operating system.

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Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2012 & 2010 Free Download for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1
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