Microsoft Xim is a new photography allows you to share your photos instantly within an Android smartphone to anyone. Yes, Microsoft Xim is now available to install on an Android smartphone for all the people who like to share moments with their loved ones. This innovative app allows you to share photos to anybody instantly. They don’t have to install this app on their devices. It works with single user, means only one person needs to install this app to make use of it. Fortunately, Microsoft Xim APK is now available to download for your Android. Kindly follow the report given below and follow the steps to install it on your phone. More details are here!Microsoft Xim APK 1

Google Play Store has got hundreds of such apps with which we can share not only photos, but pretty much everything on the go. Talking about this particular app Microsoft Xim, it allows you to share the World of photos within your Android to your loved ones. You can instantly share photos from your phone’s gallery, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other such networks. In order to know more about this app, you need to follow the list of its features given below!

Features of Microsoft Xim for Android

  • Simple app with decent User Interface made for everyone
  • No need to install any other additional app
  • Just one person needs to install this app to make use of it
  • Supports big browsers to see things on a really big screen
  • Xim swipe and zoom together to start sharing things between photos
  • Invite friends from your contact’s list, or via Email or via phone number

These were all the incredibly useful features available inside this app to share photos to anyone instantly. The app is available for free and you can install it on an Android from its official Google Play Store‘s page. Apart from that, to download its APK file, kindly follow the Download button given below!

Microsoft Xim APK 2 Microsoft Xim APK 3 Microsoft Xim APK 4

Microsoft Xim APK Download


Click out the above download button once, downloading process will take place itself. It will take several minutes to complete the entire process. Soon, you will get a proper APK file of Microsoft Xim app downloaded. After this, you need to follow the below given steps to install this app on your Android.

How to Install Microsoft Xim APK on Android Smartphone?

Step 1 :

First thing you need to have is a proper APK file of the required Android app or game.

Step 2 :

Go and follow the above download button, soon you will get the APK file of Microsoft Xim app downloaded to your desktop.

Step 3 :

Now, make sure to copy or transfer this file to your Android device. Use a proper USB data cable to do so.

Step 4 :

Go to your apps menu and open file manager folder. Search for the APK file of Microsoft Xim and tap it out. Do select the Install button when asked.

Microsoft Xim APK file has been installed on your Android. In order to get started with this app, go to your apps menu and tap out its icon. The app will be right there on your display!

Microsoft Xim APK Download for Android Free
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