Motorola is a widely known telecommunications solutions providing multinational company recognized among the people with the development of the first mobile-phone. Through their mobiles the company wanted to provide the general public a means to communicate with others whenever and wherever bidding adieu to wired communicating device. The company gave the telecom industry many pioneers and made a distinct respectful mark amongst the competitors making them to work hard to match up with the company. Later on Motorola faced many difficulties which made them to sell the handset division to Google and later Motorola was taken by Lenovo utilizing the expertise of the company along with the resources for their benefit.

Now Motorola formulates and is building on the smartphones running the worldly acknowledged Google’s Android mobile OS which is an open source platform. The devices from the company have some additional features then the regular smartphones and tablets which provided from other manufacturers. Motorola’s devices receive the first update of the new version of Android from Google making them to be technologically advanced and have the latest features ahead from anyone. If you are using devices developed by Motorola then you must know about the PC Suite provided by the company for allowing the user to perform several functions from with the help of their system.


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Motorola PC Suite Download for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1:

With the help of the Motorola PC Suite you can perform the import and export of certain files regardless of the content from the system to the device and reverse. The user can create a backup of the files present on the device for safeguarding the information and access it at the time of need. You can manage your Motorola device with the aid of the device manager and features offered by the tool.

There are two versions of the PC suite offered by Motorola to the people using the devices formulated by the company. Motocast and Motorola Device Manager are the two variants of the PC suite allowing people to get maximum accessibility of the device from their desktop and laptop without any sort of trouble.


Motocast Download for Windows

Motorola Device Manager for Windows

With the two you can perform various functions on your Windows desktop and laptop to get more of the device along with managing it properly. You can get the updates launched by the company to increase the level of experience encountered by the user while using the device and have better working.


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Motorola PC Suite Free Download for Windows 7, 8 & 8.1
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