Mss32.dll is a form of DLL file which is used by multimedia applications and by Winamp for playback the audio and other sound effects. Mss32.dll is Miles Sound System Library file having its use in various games to aid in process of playing the advanced sound options while playing the game to enhance the gaming impact on the player. Many people are the victims of the error that arises when we start a program stating that the Mss32.dll file is missing and without this you can’t run or access the application on the system.

Basically the error is common in system, making a person to lose its calmness when the work is uncompleted due to this and it is faced a lot of times. The missing .dll file may result in non-functioning of the application making you disable to use it and perform your work along with enabling the degradation of the performance of the system.


There are several reasons for making the error to popup while working on the system:

  • Corrupt file settings and damaged files result in prompting the Mss32.dll error.
  • Conflict of other dll files with other content files which are not there in the system. It may reference other non-present files.
  • The dll file is not compatible with the Windows system used by you making it to run ineffectively.
  • The file is infected with virus or malware and the antivirus program of the system has removed it from the system.
  • The dll file is non executable one.


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Mss32.dll Missing or Not Found Fix

The error can be fixed through several ways and medium to make the dll file to come into running position and aid the other program depended on the Mss32.dll file to run on the system. The method we found the best is to download the Mss32.dll file and install it into the system.


Mss32.dll Download

Steps of Downloading the Mss32.dll file on Windows:

Step 1:

You can download the Mss32.dll file from the link provided above on the system. Link is a safe one so doesn’t worry about the security of the system while downloading from the link.

Step 2:

The zip file will be downloaded on your system with a matter of seconds and then unzip the file with the help of Winrar on your system.


Step 3:

Then move the file to the C\Windows\System32 in your Windows operating system.

Step 4:

After moving the file, open the program which was showing the Mss32.dll error and was not functioning properly. The program will run on the system properly and you will be able to the work easily.

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Mss32.dll Missing or Not Found Fix – Free Download
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