MX Player is one of the most popular video players available for various tech devices. MX Player is available in two different variants. MX Player as a free version and MX Player Pro os a paid version. If you are satisfied with the free version, you can upgrade it with a Pro version. However, when it comes to pay something, many of us deny to go with it. Well, it’s Android and you can get all of your favourite apps and games for free with their APKs. Fortunately, MX Player Pro APK Download is now available. More details are as follows with a complete detailed tutorial. 

MX Player Pro APK 1

Nowadays, most of the people do use a particular smartphone in order to get many of their routine things done instantly. There are people who always looking for the best entertaining stuffs. For that, they use to watch movies and videos. If you are a complete movie freak, you got to have an advanced Video player app installed on your device and MX Player Pro is the best one you can have for your Android device. To know more about this player and its functions, you are requested to follow the below given list of its features. Here’s what you need to know about this player. Go download and follow the list!

Features of MX Player Pro for Android

  • Advance Video player app with advance functionality
  • Simple in use with its decent user interface
  • Simple pinch to zoom option to zoom in a video
  • Kids lock feature allows you to lock the screen so that your kids can not minimize it
  • Easy scroll/ add/ delete subtitles within the player
  • Plays all types of video formats
  • Full screen mode to watch your movies in big screen and much more

On the other side, if you spend most of your time by watching videos and movies, having a Pro version of an app looks legitimate. For the very same reason, you have to go with this Pro version of MX Player app. If you want to pay some bucks and get it from its official page, you can head over to the official Google Play Store‘s page and get it from there. Apart from that, to download its APK file, follow the  below given download button.

MX Player Pro APK 4

MX Player Pro APK 2

MX Player Pro APK 3

MX Player Pro APK Download – Android Video Player App


To download MX Player Pro APK file for your requested app, all you need to do is just click the above download button once. Download process will take place itself. It will take several minutes to complete the entire download process. Soon, the APK file of MX Player Pro will be downloaded on your desktop.

How to Install MX Player Pro APK on Android Smartphone?

Step 1 :

Make sure to download a proper APK file of MX Player Pro app first.

Step 2 :

Click the above download button once. Download process will take place itself and you would get a proper APK file of MX Player Pro downloaded.

Step 3 :

You are requested to transfer this file to your Android device by using a proper USB data cable.

Step 4 :

Go to your apps menu and tap the file manager folder. Search for the APK file of MX Player Pro and tap it out. The app will be installed in a few seconds to your device.

To get started with this app, go to your apps menu and search for the icon of MX Player and start it off. Apart from that, you would be asked to select MX Player as a default player whenever you open a Video file.

MX Player Pro APK Download – Android Video Player App
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