Nokia Care Suite is an application built for people using the Nokia devices for connecting it to the Windows operating system for syncing purposes. Nokia is a Finnish multinational company basically engaged in communications and information industry developing new possibilities for making the people to have a better way of connection and sharing their information with others. Nokia’s mobile phones are quite popular among the people having a huge number of followers overwhelmed with the functioning of the phones making them to experience a great device had never before by them. Nokia is currently taken over by Microsoft which will further issue the company’s smartphone in its name.

Nokia Care Suite helps the user to coordinate their contacts, calendar events, images, video clips and music files among the Nokia device and a desktop/laptop. Other than syncing, it can do various other functions like backing and restoring of contents present in the device, also use the internet of the PC/laptop with the help of the application tethering. It will also help the user to upgrade and update the software present within the device. Nokia Care Suite is the replaced version of Nokia PC Suite and is included with the brand Ovi services which is internet services made avail by the company for users. Nokia Care Suite is the tool meant for flashing the Nokia phones also serving as the customer support application for the device. As we know on flashing a mobile phone the warranty of the phone gets void and the user won’t be able to claim if anything is wrong after flashing.

nokia care

Features of Nokia Care Suite:

  • User friendly interface for making the person to use it easily
  • Dead USB recovery function
  • User data can be backed up and restored with the help of the tool
  • Covers about 330 models making the user to access the software for his/her device.
  • Upgrade and update the installed software present in the Nokia phone for using the latest features.


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Download Nokia Care Suite for Windows 7 / 8 and 8.1:

The application is a must have for Nokia devices user for enabling them to utilize the device fully and making the changes according to your preferences. Nokia Care Suite helps the user to flash their devices for making it better. You can use the application for syncing purposes and creating a backup of the contents present there in the device. The link is given below for downloading and installing the software on your Windows operating system. It is a virus free link and has the file which is being checked and secured with the help of the antivirus. There will be no problem after installing it and using it for personal use.

Download Nokia Care Suite for Windows 7 / 8 and 8.1

Nokia Care Suite

Use the tool for your Nokia mobile phone and increase the efficiency of the device

Nokia Care Suite Free Download for Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1
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