Recently the Indian Government blocked 32 websites for disabling the people to access them on their browsers; no individual (resident / living in India) can’t use these sites for their personal and other workings. The government blocked these sites as the intelligence agencies of the country warned the officials that the sites were having Anti India content and were having its links with ISIS planning against the country. The sites didn’t proved to be on the standards set by the Information Technology Rules and were having some objectionable things on their pages which were not applicable and advisable for people to see and interact with.

After some days the blocking was lifted by the government on 4 sites present among 32 websites which changed their content presentation according to the norms fixed and managed it according what should be there to be accessed by the people using the site. But they are several which are blocked and making the public unable to perform their working through the site, among the blocked ones there are some popular websites like Dailymotion, Github etc, used by people to have a great time. Various people didn’t like this act of the government making them unable to use their daily accessed sites and moving them away from their favorite sites to be not available for them.

Blocked Sites

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Open Blocked Websites in India:

Despite of the blocking many people want to use these sites and perform their activities with the help of these blocked websites. We have found the solution to the problem of unable to use the sites which makes them able to access the sites for using their features to aid you in your working, functioning related to your activity. You can surf and use the site through web based proxy which is easy and problem free way of using the blocked sites.

Steps to Open Block Websites:

Step 1:                                                              

First of all visit a web based proxy site allows the user to run the blocked site through the creation of a fake proxy server which is different from the region where it can be accessed.

Step 2:

Type in the URL address of the site you want to use present among the blocked list of sites, it will redirect you to the site which you have entered and you will be able to access it on your browser despite of the blockage.


Step 3:

The method can be used for similar sites proving the fact that nothing can be made unreachable on World Wide Web from people and there are various means to perform a thing through the help and solution available.

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How Open Blocked Websites in India like Vimeo, DailyMotion & GitHub
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