Terminal is a very useful tool available to enter commands and get on to a relevant things on Mac OS X. User can easily get on to the things just by entering a proper commands. These commands can be considered as tips and tricks of using a Mac instantly on the go. You can directly open up your required thing right by entering the command. It seems like the easiest way to use Mac OS X. Following we have compiled all the best Commands that can be use on a daily basis on your current Mac system. Do take a look now! 

Mac Terminal

How to Open and Use Mac OS X Terminal 

Terminal is located as an applications on your Applications folder. Open up your phone’s Application folder and then Utilities. Once the Black Windows gets appeared, by then you can easily enter Commands by using your Mac’s Keyboard.

This was all about to enter into Terminal Window. Now, let’s get on to the Commands to make use of this Terminal Window well.

Commands, Tips & Tricks of Mac OS X

Note : Make sure to use the exact command which we are giving you in the following list. Keep your eyes on the letters whether they are in Capital or not.

1. clear

This command clears off the current Window instantly.

2. Change Screenshot File

Mac OS X allows you to take screenshots of the current Window with a cool way. Your screenshot will be saved as a png format. Well, if you want to change the format of it. You just need to follow the below given command.

defaults write com.apple.screencapture type PDF

killall SystemUIServer

To revert the system, you just need to clear the last PDF name and there you can enter anything that you want. Like JPG PNG etc.

3. Change Screenshot Location

Most probably Screenshots are being saved on the Desktop, so that user can easily get on to them whenever they are in need. To change the location of it, follow the below given command.

defaults write com.apple.screencapture location /drag/location/here

killall SystemUIServer

See above command. “here” stated the location where you want to save the screenshots. You can put down your relevant folders there and by then, all the screenshots will be saved right on to that particular folder.

4. Show Hidden Files and Folders

defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles -bool TRUE

killall Finder

5. Install OS X Software Updates

sudo softwareupdate -l

In a few minutes, you will get all the available updates as a list on the Window.

6. Shutdown your Mac instantly

sudo shutdown -h now

7. Restart your Mac instantly

sudo shutdown -r now

8. Add Time Delay to Shutting down your Mac

sudo shutdown -r +30

9. Turn off Dashboard

defaults write com.apple.dashboard mcx-disabled -boolean TRUE

killall Dock

10. See everything that you have entered in the Terminal Window


This command will get you a complete list of all the commands that you have recently used on your Mac. You can easily make use of them again by following them one by one.

So folks, these were all the very useful Commands, Tips and Tricks available to try on your Mac OS X. To add more, by using these given commands, you can improve the productivity of your work and can get to know more about it just by using them on a regular basis.

How to Open and Use Mac OS X Terminal – Commands, Tips and Tricks
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