Open Audio Library (OpenAL) is multi-functional audio application programming interface for audio formulated to provide 3-D audio playing capability in a virtual three dimensional environment on a system. It serves as a direct replacement to various other 3D audio systems like EAX etc, giving an effect of realism to a game by adding the acoustic attenuation along with providing the Doppler Effect, directional sound emitters etc to make it good. It is developed by Loki Software and is functional on various platforms to provide the people to access the services of the application despite being on several platforms.

The application is used in several games to make them to have the best audio quality for enabling the user to experience the brilliant aspects and gameplay of the games. OpenAL is coded with source objects, audio buffers and a single listener to make the effects work on efficiently and properly to enable the person to have the best of it. It was made as an idea to alternate and fork the old audio application programming interface present for desktop operating system and other mobile operating systems. Now Creative Technology develops the application with the support of Apple, Blue Ripple Sound and from other free open-source fanatics. It is efficient and proper in working giving the users.

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Features of OpenAL:

  • A proven framework to provide the users the efficiency expected from it.
  • Being cross platform a person can use the application on various operating systems for providing them the access to the features.
  • Easy, OpenGL-ish Audio programming interface for the system to work on the system.
  • Good in making a virtual 3D environment with 3D audio output.
  • It supports various file types and also manages them to provide a good functionality.


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OpenAL Download for Windows:

The application is proven to provide the features and services with best working making the user to experience the game on their system. Download it for giving the gaming experience a new level and feeling the 3D sound in a great way aiding in enhancing the level of entertainment. You can have the experience while gaming which you felt that was left and not completing the gaming understanding.

OpenAL Download for Windows


You can download OpenAL from the link stated above for your Windows system and use the features for having the brilliant gaming time. The link provided is safe and secure making you to download from it without any worry of being threatened about the invitation of malicious content into your system when you click on it. The application will stand on your expectations made for it to work on your system properly and efficiently making the gaming more than just fun.

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OpenAL Free Download (OpenAL32.dll & OpenAL64.dll) for Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1
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