Outlook Mail is a popular Email service provider from the house of Microsoft. Microsoft launched this Email service since years and it is quite helpful for many ways. Since Microsoft provides its various services, you have to have one proper Outlook Mail in order to avail all the services provided by Microsoft. If you have a proper Outlook Mail login details but forgot how to get started with it, kindly follow the below given tutorial where we have explained everything about Outlook Mail Login / Sing In Online. Follow the simple steps and start accessing your Mails within your Outlook Inbox. Here’s the tutorial! 

Outlook Mail Main

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Note : 

Since we are about to Login into the Outlook Mail, you have to have a proper Microsoft’s account as it is necessary to keep a proper Email and Password. If you haven’t sign up for it, kindly prepare an account first and start accessing it by entering the proper login details of your Outlook Mail service. You can sign up for a new account by clicking the following link. Just click out the link, enter proper details, and you’ll have a new Outlook Mail account of your own.

Sign up for Outlook Mail 


Outlook Mail Login / Sign In Online

Step 1 :

I’m sure you have a proper Outlook Mail login details with you. If you still not have it, kindly follow the above mentioned link and sign up for a new account from there. In order to Outlook Mail Login, follow the below given link.

Go to Outlook.com

Step 2 :

After clicking the above link, you’ll be presented a Sign In page of Outlook Mail. You could see a Username and Password section there. Kindly put the official Login details here and click the Sign In button given there.

Outlook Mail 1

Step 3 :

The next page will show you the Inbox and other useful sections of Outlook Mail. You can easily compose a new Mail by tapping on the +New option. You can look for the received mails by clicking on to the Inbox button. Follow the image given below for more information.

Outlook Mail 2

Step 4 :

In order to Sign out, kindly click on to the Profile name which is given at the right side of the page. A scroll down menu will be there from which you need to click on to the Sign Out option. See the image given below!

Outlook Mail 3

That’s all folks! This is how you can easily get started with Outlook Mail and its services. We have described everything starting from creating a new mail to how you can sign out from it. You just need to follow all of the above mentioned steps wisely to avail the useful services from Microsoft’s own, Outlook Mail. With this Mail services, you can use Microsoft’s additional services like, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Powerpoint and much more.

What’s your take? Do you have a proper Outlook Mail account? Do share your views and opinions in front of us. Meanwhile, if you have anything to ask, kindly drop us in the comments given below the post into the comment section.

Outlook Mail Login / Sign In Online
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