Photo Sphere Camera is a camera application launched by Google for iOS users, allowing them to take photos at 360-degree and sharing it with your friends through cloud. It offers them the option to publish the pictures taken with their iOS devices to Google Maps and on other social networking sites. The application has some extended features of his twin sister application in Google’s Android OS. It makes the shutterbugs to get huge panoramas just by rotating your device and capture the exotic atmosphere around you. The application got positive reviews and was liked by many people in its Android version, released on the previous year.

The crazy 360°photo capturing application allows people to click the shots about the exotic atmosphere present around you and experiencing some awesome moments. The people who have used the Street View of Google Maps will know the form of shots that the application can take and produce. In Android OS this application has made a wide and big phenomenon making the iOS users to have the experience provided by the makers of the application. The user has to stand on the point and tap on the shutter of the camera; there are virtual dots on the screen pointing to move in that direction. After that, user has to move their camera for getting the final product.

Photo Sphere Camera iOS

Features of Photo Sphere Camera:

  • Create wide and huge panorama through this application.
  • Geotag the photos clicked and publish them on Google Maps
  • Making the people to have a crazy photo clicking experience
  • Better than the other apps present in iOS ecosystem like Sphere, 360 Panorama etc
  • Features 100% viewfinder allowing the sensor of the camera to get the maximum resolution for the pictures clicked.

Photo Sphere Camera iOS download

Photo Sphere Camera Download For iOS:

Features mentioned have made more eager to have this application installed in your iOS device and click huge 360-degree photos through your camera. The application must have for shutterbugs who love to create new and innovative photos motivated by the photographer present in their inner mind. You can download the application from the link given below.

Photo Sphere Camera IPA

Photo Sphere Camera

The application released by Google has made the users to have the ultimate of huge and stretched panoramas. The developer’s have made a dedicated website for uploading it and showcasing the photos clicked by them to other people which is named Views. The app runs on iOS 7.0 or later with a note that iPhone 4 will not be able to create Photo Sphere. Try the app for unique and crazy experience offered by it.


Photo Sphere Camera IPA Free Download for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
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