There is no doubt about that anyone has not heard about the popular and renowned video game console Playstation developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. The video game is widely used and acclaimed by many people having its place in almost every house where its features and capability are enjoyed by the players. Sony has made the video game so attractive and widely used that having its establishment and launching in 1993, till now people keep the games of the console properly and avoid any damage to them. There are about 4 versions made till now by the company for people and its die-hard fans.

Playstation (launched in 1993), Playstation 2 (launched in 2000), Playstation 3 (launched in 2006) and Playstation 4 (launched in 2013) are the video games console made by Sony under the brand name. Playstation 2 is the most popular and widely sold home console of the company, about 155 million consoles were sold till the end of 2012. It has been named as the best-selling game ever and has nearly 4000 games made for playing on it. The production and manufacturing process of Playstation was discontinued after January 2013, after being in the market of about 13 years and giving tough competition to competitors like Microsoft Xbox etc.


Using the PS2 Controller on PC for Playing Games:

Due to being discontinued in production and having many two new versions of PS (Playstation 3 and Playstation 4) people are keeping their PS 2 locked in their cuboids and drawers, thinking they are off no use. If you think the same then read the full post, you can actually use some parts of your PS 2 in your system and make them work. You can use the PS2 controller in your desktop and play games with a new experience.

PS 2 controller

Steps of Using the PS2 Controller on PC:

Step 1:

First thing is that you have to purchase a PS2 adapter for connecting the PS2 controller with the PC and starting the process for using it on system.

Step 2:

Ensure that you have a good and working adapter as it poses problem during the process along with giving you a possibility of ruining your controller and PC’s port.

PS2 adapter

Step 3:

Plug in the controller into the adapter and plug the adapter into USB port of the PC.

Step 4:

Click on the options present in your PC and navigate to the Controller Configuration option, test the movements through the movement pads and ensure that the buttons are working as well for avoiding the problem during the game, then click on OK.

How to Play Games on PC with PS2 Controller
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