Xbox is a popular and renowned video gaming console making a particular stand among the other video game brands due to its services and features. Being owned and developed by worldwide known multinational corporation Microsoft for people who are enthusiast about gaming and about the experience present during gaming. The company has formulated three video gaming consoles under the brand name launched in the sixth, seventh and eighth generations separately. The first Xbox was launched in 2001 and almost 24 million units were sold of the video game till 2006 making a strong fanbase despite losing form Playstation 2.

Xbox 360 was the second installment in the video game series and the successor to the previous version, as it offered features like Xbox Live for sharing and streaming the multimedia files from your PC in the gaming console. Later on, Microsoft launched the Kinect system being a motion control program it offered the user a good sensor system. The successfulness of the gaming console can be justified with the fact that nearly 78 million Xbox 360 are purchased and is people’s homes. Today there are millions of people crazy about the Xbox series and update taking in the gaming console series for making it more better work then usual along with making them to have a marvelous time playing it.

Xbox 360 controller

Playing Games with Xbox 360 Controller on PC:

Xbox has made a distinct mark from the Playstation due to offerings, features and creditability present in it. Playstation and Xbox face an intense competition against each other to become the ultimate video game in the industry. If you have a stale/unused Xbox 360, then you can use the Xbox 360 wireless controller for playing games on PC / Computer and having all new experience.

Xbox 360

Steps for Using the Xbox 360 Controller on PC:

Step 1:

First you have to ensure that there is an Xbox 360 wireless gaming receiver present, it is necessary for enabling the controller to work. If you have it then connect it to your system, if connected correctly it will emit a green light.

Step 2:

Now install the software of the Xbox receiver, you can do so with the installation CD which you have got with the gaming receiver. If you don’t have it then download it from the internet.

Xbox 360 gaming receiver

Step 3:

After installing the software, now you have to setup the controller. Turn on the controller by holding the Guide button present on the controller, on the receiver press the Connect button and the green light will flash.

Step 4:

Complete the process by pressing the connect button on the controller present on the back of the controller. Make sure that the green light is flashing on both the controller and on the receiver.

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How to Play Games on PC with Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
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