Sony has made many people fond of the Play Station Portable popularly known as PSP. It enables people to enjoy and play awesome games on the go, being handy along with portable in use it can be carried wherever you go.  Games present in the Android ecosystem are also brilliant and offer phenomenal graphics during the play. The main reason that games are loved by everyone is the entrainment, relaxation and stress-busting experience offered and present in them.

Having both PSP and Android device in your pockets causes troublesome during carrying them, you can’t choose one device due to the factors present are much different when both compared. What if you can have the experience of your PSP games in the Android smartphone owned and used by you.  After reading this, you can do so, PPSSSPP is a free of cost application serving as an open source emulator for Play Station Portable for the Android smartphone. It is great in use and fully delivers the experience expected during playing PSP games on the smartphone.


Features of PPSSSPP PSP Emulator:

  • Fast in use and is available on many operating system then to other emulators.
  • Platform specific features according to the operating system of the device
  • More than 800 games are playable on the emulator making the user to avoid the problem of having only a limited number of games for playing.
  • Touchscreen controls for easy configuration during the gameplay.
  • Making you to stay tuned in playing the games due to the experience offered.

PSP emulator

PPSSSPP PSP Emulator Download:

The features offered by the emulator are unique and attractive making an Android smartphone user crazy for PSP games to download it for having the ultimate experience of PSP in the device. You can download the emulator from the link given below.

PPSSSPP Emulator


Steps of Playing PSP Games on PPSSSPP Emulator:

Step 1:

Download the emulator from the link provided above through your desktop. After the downloading process finishes transfer the emulator from your desktop to the Android device through a USB cable.

Step 2:

Install the emulator on your Android smartphone and then download the ISO or CSO format of the PSP games you want to play on the smartphone.


Step 3:

Now copy the downloaded PSP game format in your SD card according to your preference. Try to make a new folder for this because more games will be downloaded by you in the near future.

Step 4:

After this open PPSSSPP emulator and navigate for the location where the PSP game format file is placed.

The process is completed and now you can enjoy the favorite PSP games on your Android device.


How to Play PSP Games on Android Smartphone
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