Pokémon is a popular and widely seen cartoon series watched along with enjoying the entertainment offered by it to people. There are large numbers of individuals which love the cartoon series and are crazy about it. The series is centered on the humans capturing fictional organism and providing them the training to fight with others for sport. It is the second most highly successful and worthwhile video game based media authorization after the Nintendo’s Mario franchise in the world liked by a majority of people. The media franchise was developed and created in 1995 by Satoshi Tajiri.

Many games were launched seeing the popularity of the franchise and which were loved by a large portion of the people. People got a chance to play and control their favorite Pokémon in the game along with having a great time through it. There are numerous games launched for people for allowing the next level entertainment and excitement to be encountered by them on their video game console. The developers gained a lot of profit through the formulation of the games and for providing the people to get an experience with their favorite Pokémon and see their capabilities. For Android devices there is also a Pokémon game for getting the brilliant experience handy and whenever they want.


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Pokémon for Android APK Download:

People who love the cartoon series will surely like this game allowing them to encounter and see the awesome gameplay offered. The game is good allowing the player to have a great time and get addicted to it to play it for long hours.

Steps of Installing Pokémon APK:

Step 1:

First of all you have to download an emulator for running the game as the game available for Android is Nintendo version for which ROM is needed by the emulator to make it run. You can try Drastic DS Emulator for this; it is an efficient emulator performing the function easily with assured working.

Step 2:

Download the emulator from the link provided here on your desktop. Now you have to get the game ROM of Pokémon to play it on your device. Here is the link through which you can different ROMs for different games to be played on Android. After downloading both of them transfer them from your desktop to Android through a USB cable.


Step 3:

Locate the file after transferring and place the downloaded ROM in the dedicated folder for it. Open the emulator through the App Drawer and choose the ROM from the location where you have placed/copied it to run the game.

Step 4:

Wait for a couple of seconds to make the emulator to load the game and to function it properly.

Pokémon for Android APK Download (Full Game)
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