Project IGI is a popular and brilliant action shooting genre game series developed for desktops by Innerloop Studios and released by Codemasters in the market. The first game of the series was originally published and marketed by Eidos Interactive which had single player mode where the player is secret agent performing several missions, the main problem in the game was there were no save game feature disabling the player to save the game at a particular point. The game contains the experience encountered by an army/undercover person engaged in a mission for their country/organization.

The game series has a new installation to the family providing the people an advanced stealth based first person with the adrenaline rush and thrill present in the previous versions of the game to make them have a great time. IGI 3 is new edition of the game series providing the people to encounter the action with entertainment experienced while performing the mission present in the game. The game is available for desktop users to provide them the experience like never before to make them to have a great action shooting genre game in their collection which is the best.


Features of Project IGI 3:

  • It has a mind-blowing visual setup making the player to stick to the gameplay for hours without any break.
  • The plot of the game is addicting and richen in excitement to enabling the person to enjoy every moment of the game.
  • The game developers have taken care of the environment present in the game around the character controlled by the person while playing it.
  • With the thrill and excitement present in it the player has a marvelous time on playing it for the action exploding in the game.
  • The game offers much more than the previous versions of the series and manages to keep the standard high along with the credibility expected from it.

igi 3

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Project IGI 3 for PC Download:

The game is must have for people who are crazy for action and for the experience encountered while performing a secret mission. Project IGI 3 for PC is there allowing the desktop users to get it for their system and have a great time through the gameplay offered by it to them.  The game will make you forget the previous versions of the IGI series proving to be the ultimate one amongst the others.


Project IGI 3 for PC Download

Direct Download Link: Project IGI 3 Full PC Game Free Download

Steps of Installing Project IGI 3 for PC:

Step 1:

First of all you have to download the game file from the link given above. Don’t worry about the security of the link as it is secure and will not affect your system.

Step 2:

After the process of downloading completes, locate the downloaded file on the desktop and click on the file to begin the installation of the game.

Project IGI

Step 3:

When the installation of the game completes, open it and play the awesome game on your system.

Now you have IGI 3 for PC and enjoy the thrill present in it for your experience.

Project IGI 3 for PC Free Download (Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / XP)
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