Playstation has been one of the popular home video gaming console developed and marketed by Sony Computer Entertainment. The gaming console made huge and tremendous impact on the gaming industry making the people to have a new way of playing video games along with high-end graphics. Playstation 2 is the most popular console of the Playstation series and has made people to experience a great medium of playing video games with some noticeable effects and features. It has one of the most acclaimed and renowned game console proving to be outstanding in every department like in graphics, performance and etc.

Playstation 2 has accounted as the highest selling and used console about 155 million units of console being sold till 2012 and more in process. Nearly 3,870 games are been made for the console to provide the player a great collection to play and experience the awesomeness present in the console for them. The features and performance of the video game console has made it to become the longest running console, it was in production for around 13 years providing the public enabling to experience the options available for them. It has been recorded as the fastest gaming console to reach the 100 million units sale option as it achieved this in 5 years and 9 months from the launch date.


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PS2 Emulator for PC:

PS 2 has made a large number of people to love it and enjoy the games in a never before experience. PS 2 is now discontinued in production and is no longer shipped by the company despite this fact you can also play the PS 2 games on your PC. There are emulators providing the means to use them and play the games on your system with the wider screen and added features. The PS 2 emulator for PC will help you to have the basic features needed to run PS 2 games.

Features of PS 2 Emulator for PC:

  • Play the games in high resolution through the option available to increase the internal resolution of the game in the emulator.
  • Use any form of controller to play the game on the emulator like PS2 etc to get the extreme thrill.
  • Ability to take screenshots for capturing the great moments during the game to remember them.
  • Adjust the game speed according to your personal preferences with the frame limiter option present in it.
  • Bored of playing the game in difficult and clean way, then use the patching system for doing some cheating and playing in easy way.


Download PS 2 Emulator for PC:

Get the emulator and encounter the best way of playing the PS 2 games. The link is provided below aiding you to download the emulator file, install the PS 2 emulator for PC after the download finishes.


PS 2 Emulator for PC

The server/link is safe for doing the download and avoids the attacks of malicious content on the system.

PS2 Emulator for PC Free Download (Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1)
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