ePub is a free of cost and open sourced e-Book file format it is an open publication structure being a popular format it is used by many publications to avail their books and other related content in this format. Mainly and largely the e-books are present in this format and people can download it for free or pay for the same to have their hands on it. There are several applications present in the internet and market giving you to access the .epub extension file on your system. Among the several we have got some applications allowing you to read epub books or documents in Windows.


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Applications ePub Books or Documents in Windows:

  • Adobe Digital Editions:

    Adobe Digital Editions is an e-book reading and managing the e-book library application. It is developed by Adobe Systems and uses the Adobe Flash to aid in working of the app to provide the user a great reading experience will using it for the purpose.

Adobe Digital

  • Freda:

    It is a popular e-book reader and manager allowing the Windows operating system user to smoothly read along with see the epub books also the related content on it. Freda has some connections with some online stores you can also buy the books and documents from there to read them on the system through the application.


  • Sony Reader:

    The application is somewhat similar to Adobe Digital Edition and serves the usual function like other e-book readers. It has a good user interface making the person to access the app without any boredom or feel any sort of trouble while reading the epub file. Sony reader is highly recommended for people wanting to have a good looking e-book with the usual features.


  • Kindle Reader:

    Kindle is worldly known for its performance and is widely acclaimed by people due to the features offered to them by the application. Developed by Amazon the user can buy several e-books from the Amazon Store to read them on the brilliant application for having a great time while accessing it. With this app you can easily convert the epub file to any popular and known file extension like PDF etc.


  • Overdrive Media Console:

    A free of cost application for Windows users allowing to enhance the viewing of e-book than just normal and enjoy them in high quality. Allowing the user to access the features present in Overdrive Media Console for making him/her to enjoy every single page and moment while accessing the app.


  • STDU Viewer:

    STDU Viewer is a small and compact e-book viewer for people allowing them to read epub books and documents easily on it with awesome viewing. The user can download and enjoy it for the compactness offered to him/her making to have hands on a great application for e-book reading.


How to Read ePub Books or Documents in Windows 7, 8 and 8.1
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