Action games are a great way of experiencing thrill, excitement and enjoyment; they have make the adrenaline of your body to be rushed highly and giving you to feel great while playing them. There are various games in the Android market to provide the thrill to you on your Android device. Reaper is an action role-playing genre game developed by Hexage offering the player to be a swordsman in a different time and travel along with clearing the missions present on the way. The game combines the Action-RPG-Casual elements to make the gaming experience to be awesome and glorious in its own way.

The player has to control a black swordsman and fight with other enemies in the epic gameplay performing the action in the location in the map. Reaper is free of cost game and provides the player to enjoy the gameplay in brilliant graphics and visual style to make him/her to be glued to it for hours and play it on the Android device. Every age group can enjoy the game whether an adult or child not age barrier is there in playing it. Reaper is available for Android, iOS and Windows operating systems for providing wider access of the brilliant game on their smartphones.


Features of Reaper:

  • Be in the magic world of monsters and encounter extraordinary adventures out there for you.
  • Conquer various quests in your way and reveal the secrets present in the wild world of the game.
  • Many upgrades present along with many forms of weapons ranging from swords, armors etc for equipping.
  • Awesome graphics making the player to feel the thrill and giving you the action set with casual gaming.
  • Many elements to keep stick to and have a great time while playing it on your device.

Reaper Gameplay

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Reaper APK Download for Android:

The game is widely acclaimed for the features and gameplay offered to the people making them to go crazy about the action genre game. It has got great critic reviews and proved that it has the capability to become best in the league proving the point of the developer. This action-RPG game is available for Android smartphone and has got a marvelous 4.2 game rating on Google Play standing on the expectation of the gamer.

Reaper APK

Reaper APK Download for Android

Steps of Installing Reaper APK for Android:

Step 1:

Download the Reaper APK file from the link provided on your desktop. The link provided is safe and free from viruses so don’t worry while using the link for downloading the file.

Step 2:

After the process of downloading transmit the file from the desktop to your Android smartphone through the USB Cable. Disconnect the USB Cable after the transfer is completed.

Reaper shop

Step 3:

Locate the transferred file in the smartphone and tap on it to begin the installation of the game.

Step 4:

The installation of the file will require some time so maintain the patience. After the installation the app will be there in the App Drawer of the device. From there you can use the app.

Reaper APK Download (Full Android Game)
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