Skype is a great and popular application/software for allowing people to make voice and video calls free of cost from various devices like smartphones, computers, laptops and tablets. The people accessing the application can also exchange text messages, images and video message along with the feature of communicating through conference calls. The application came into existence in 2003 and was acquired by Microsoft in mid 2011 for $8.5 billion. It is distinct from VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service providers due to the features and services offered by the application for users.

The main lacking of Skype is that the user can’t record the calls made by him/her whether being a voice or video call. It is sometimes important to record the calls for future proofing and use, making it to be kept as safeguard during interaction. The problem is faced by many people and is common in the application; it can be overcome through the third-party applications present in the market for recording the calls whenever needed.


Applications for Recording the Skype Calls on Windows, Android and iPhone/iPad:

There are many applications present for recording Skype calls on various operating system and various applications are there each operating system. One for Android, another for Windows and one for iOS devices.

Recording Skype Calls on Windows:

You can download the Free Trial version of Pamela for Skype on recording voice and video calls made on Skype. The trial version being free of cost doesn’t allow the user to record the calls which are more than 15 minutes, if you more access then buy the paid version of the application.


Recording Skype Calls on iPhone/iPad:

It is different to record Skype calls as compared to Windows and Android, you can record the call on your iPhone/iPad device through the application QuickVoice Recorder for recording Skype. It is a full and free featured application for iOS devices users and has the efficiency needed for recording the calls in best quality for the user.


Recording Skype Calls on Android:

You can record Skype calls on your Android device through the third-party application Call and Note Recorder; it is appreciated by the users for the capability and working performed by the application. Users like the application due to features present and being free of cost it is more downloaded than other apps present in the Android market.


Through these apps you can record the voice and video calls done by you through Skype and keep them for future references. The apps present for the various operating systems are distinct from each other due to features and performance of these applications.

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