During working on Windows operating system people unintentionally delete some files making them to worry about the files when they are needed on time. Sometimes the system itself deletes the files for the computer during the disk cleaning process and etc. Antivirus also deletes the files seeking that it is a threat for the system whether it is important for the user or not. The problem is that it is difficult to recover the permanently deleted file. The files and folders deleted by the user first it goes to the Recycle Bin of the system after it is up to the user to permanently delete the files and folders present in it.

You can get back the deleted items if they are not replaced by any other file and folder, if they are replaced then the chances of recovering them gets decreased. Don’t worry about the process of recovering the files; we have listed the applications present in the market for recovering the deleted files and folders. Here they are.

Windows 8

Top Recovery Software for Deleted Files in Windows 8.1, 8 and 7:

  • Recuva:

    Talking about recovering deleted files, then Recuva is the one application you should think of. It is an easy to work on application having the features of recovering the deleted items at its best. The application is efficient in recovering items from hard drives, external storage drives like USB drives, DVD/CD etc. Recuva can be run on Windows 8.1, 8 and 7 along with on the lower versions of the operating system.


  • SoftPerfect File Recovery:

    It is a brilliant undelete program offering some good features and is compact in size about 500 KB making it portable in using. Being a free application like Recuva it has made many people fond about the app, it is a standalone program supporting many devices expect the CD/DVD drives.

Softperfect file

  • Pandora Recovery:

    Pandora Recovery is a good application having the capability of both recovering the deleted file and shifting to different location. It will help you to get back the deleted files on your Windows 7, 8.1 / 8 operating system making it a good option among the others. The trial version of the software is free but to avail the full feature of the application you have to buy its premium version. It has functionality on all Windows operating system making it a thinkable option.


  • Puran File Recovery:

    It is best present in the recovery software due to the easiness in use and for the advanced features present in it. It is a good alternative for Recuva and poses a good competition to other application. It can also recover the lost partitions made by the users only then if they are not overwritten by the system or user.


  • Wise Data Recovery:

    Wise Data Recovery has made a good stand among the other despite of the features lessen in the application. It is quick and efficient in using, an easy to search option for the deleted files and recovery them in a nick of time.


How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows 8.1, 8 and 7
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