Alarms are annoying and a useful means for some people, for many individuals the snooze button serves as a boon for them providing some extra sleep to their tired souls. As the alarm is damn useless when you just have to hit the snooze button and not ready to leave the bed at the first sound of it. A majority of people make the snooze period of an hour developing the situation where they are late for the work to be done for the moment. The alarm is a great means for preparing ourselves in time for performing the required activity efficiently.

For making the people more active and responsive to the alarm Red Bull Media House has released Red Bull Alert, an alarm clock application accessible both on smartwatch and Android devices. It aims to motivate and aid you to get off from your bed regardless of hitting the snooze button working diversely from a normal alarm clock app. The application consists of various sport themes in order to refresh and wake you up in an exhilarating mood aiding you to keep a track on the progress made by you on daily basis. Alert allows the user to select their favorite theme from the diverse themes which are up to 10.


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Features of Red Bull Alert:

  • View how fast you respond to the set alarm and minimize the time gap to wake up quickly.
  • Get inspired from the various themes present on Alert including aerial sports, BMX several others available on it.
  • Use the innovative yet simple alarm app for getting a shot in being punctual for the work and activity.
  • It will aid you to overcome your bad habit of hitting the snooze button again and again to get some more sleep.
  • Compete with your friends and share your daily progress on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and etc.

Red Bull App

Red Bull Alert APK for Android

Red Bull Alert APK for Android Download:

Step 1:

First thing you have to download Red Bull Alert APK from the link provided above on the desktop. The download from the given link is safe and will not harm your system on the use of it.

Step 2:

On the completion of the download process you have to copy the file to the Android device with the help of the USB cable. The transfer process will be easy and fast with the USB cable to the device which will connect the device with the desktop.

Red bull Alert

Step 3:

Disconnect the device from the system properly and look for the transferred file on the file explorer of the device.

Step 4:

Tap on the file to begin the installation of the application. When the installation is finished the app will there on the App drawer of the device.

Red Bull Alert Alarm Clock APK for Android Download
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