Microsoft’s Windows 10 is currently the trending topic in the market and for geeks as the date of its release is coming closer people are getting more curious about it and want to have their hands on as soon as possible. The official launch date of Windows 10 is 29 July 2015 released globally in about 190 countries allowing the maximum number of people to get access on the next generation operating system. The OS contains numerous features making the user to get the working and efficiency as expected offering the leveled up performance as compared to the previous versions out there in the market.

The most talked about feature of Microsoft Windows 10 is the voice personal assistant Cortana launched by the company for competing with Apple’s Siri and Google’s Ok Google dominating the market with them. The personal voice assistant is available for people using Windows 10 aiding you in functioning providing the required information in a matter of seconds. Just imagine while using the OS on your desktop and want to have information about a particular thing for this, simply say ‘Hey Cortana’ and ask for it. The person accessing Windows 10 can also determine the space that Cortana should take up on taskbar and as default it will be there on the taskbar as search bar saying ‘Ask me Anything’.


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Removing Cortana from Windows 10:

If you want to reduce or off the personal voice assistant then you can disable it or minimize it a small hollow circle to lessen the space acquired by Cortana on the taskbar. Many people may find a little bit odd to communicate verbally with their desktops and laptops regardless the presence of the personal voice assistant. They would like to remove Cortana from their Windows 10 in order to avoid the odd feel while utilizing their desktop or laptop. You can remove Cortana from the guide provided below.

Step 1:

Make sure before doing so as you will not be able to use it for responding and collecting information etc. For removing the search feature you have to first open the search tool on the desktop, then go to Gear icon and click on it present on the left-hand edge.

Step 2:

On clicking on the icon you will reach the settings of Cortana where you can change it according to your preference making it work as you want to. With it you can change the name turn the voice assistant on or off also disable the annoying feature which makes Cortana to provide suggestions, ideas and remainders etc.

Cortana remove

Step 3:

You can disable Cortana and it will revert back to the traditional default Windows search identified by a magnifying glass icon. When you will click on it, the tool will say ‘Search the web and Windows via Bing.

Step 4:

Also you still can alter and change the look of taskbar after disabling Cortana on your Windows 10 without any sort of difficulty experienced.

Remove Cortana from Windows 10 Taskbar (How To)
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