Windows OS developed by Microsoft for desktop and laptop users is a great way of doing working along with watching movies, playing games and to perform several other things for having a good time.  The operating system has a huge number of followers who are fond of its working, features and performance it always ahead in competition with its arch rival Mac operating system and has beaten it in many departments. Windows is based on graphical operating system and has a closed source model; it was first of all launched in 1985 about 27 years ago with the initial version of the series Windows 1.0.

The company has showcased its new version of the widely acclaimed operating system series based on the next generation features naming Windows 10. There are new features made offered to public for building the experiences to be encountered by people like never before. The main features present in the series are there in the new version and has the features with some upgrades for easing the comfort level of the user for making him/her to work on it like a cake walk. Many users have still the word stick to Windows 7 and 8 versions launched by the company for people in the previous years.


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Removing Shortcut Virus from USB Drive:

USB/Flash drives are a frequent tool for transferring and exchanging data from one system to another, as they are fast, capable and good in their work. Virus and malware are the main enemies of a healthy working system, they have capacity to degrade and stagnate the working of the system. During the transfer of files from a flash drive we often encounter the error known as Shortcut Error which is generally a virus/malware. It is transferred automatically from a virus infected system to the USB drive and converts the files present on the drive into a shortcut. Don’t panic or worry we have the solution to error and with this you can remove this virus. Here are the steps for Removing the Shortcut Virus from USB Drive.


Step 1:

Open the Start menu and type CMD on the search bar of the menu, when it appears right click on it and select the ‘Run as Administrator’ option.

Step 2:

Go to the USB drive by writing this letter of the drive and if you don’t know it then go to My Computer and see the drive letter of the USB drive.


Step 3:

Now type the command ‘del*.lnk’ on the cmd window and strike the enter key. After this write ‘attrib -s –r –h *.* /s/d/l and hit the enter button.

Step 4:

Wait for a few seconds as the files present will be deleted and backed up by the system on the USB drive.

After the completion of process open the USB drive and you will get all the files present in the drive again there.

How to Remove Shortcut Virus from USB Drive
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