Internet is an important part of the people’s daily life as everyone uses it to gather some sort information, do working and etc to help along with aid them with the functioning. Almost every day millions of people access to it for their several functions and serving them a platform to get the things they want. A person can view web content pages having the text, images and other multimedia on it through the internet/net browser. Having the feature of accessible by anyone makes the individuals to use it on the mobile phones, computers and other portable devices.

Sometimes while using the World Wide Web (Internet) we encounter errors making us to unable in performing the function which we wanted to do and pose the problem in functioning. Several errors are temporary while others being there which can be fixed with the help of a solution aiding to rid off the error. The most common error taking place while using the internet through the net browser is the “The requested URL could not be retrieved” which makes the user to disable in accessing the site on the system. Many people have faced the error but solved with some means.


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Fixing “The requested URL could not be retrieved” error:

There are several methods of solving the error and using the net in the same form as it was before pop-up of the error. The solutions will not pose any problem to the system after performing it and making the web browser to work efficiently.

Method 1: Check the Net Connection:

See that the internet connection of your system hasn’t corrupted or if you are using the LAN connection check the LAN wire. You can also try to reach the site through a different web browser like if you are using Chrome then check through Mozilla that if you are able to access the site.

Method 2: Firewall Settings:

Check whether the firewall of your antivirus or system is not blocking the browser to access the site. Turn off the firewall if it is due to this and when you have finished the work through the URL turn on the firewall for security along with safety issues.


Method 3: Check the Proxy Settings of the Using Browser:

Sometimes the problem arises due to the proxy server of the browser. The proxy server is the link for sending the requests from clients and seeking resources from other servers. For example you are using Chrome browser from Google, for changing the proxy settings of the browser first go to the Settings of the browser, then go to Network and click on the Change Proxy Settings option.

Proxy server

A new window will be opened of Internet Properties and go to the LAN Settings located below on the window. Open it and check the box stating Use a proxy server for your LAN and uncheck the Automatically Detect Settings box. Enter the proxy information and click OK when finished.

“The requested URL could not be retrieved” Error Fix [How To]
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