CMOS is an important part of the computer and performs various integral functions of the system. Resetting the CMOS settings on the laptop or PC can be done easily and remove the error posed. The resetting of the BIOS/CMOS arises if you want to unlock the BIOS password as you have forgot it or you have installed hardware in your system and it is locked. One has to follow the steps to reset it and properly do so to avoid any problem.

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Resetting BIOS/CMOS Settings on Laptop and PC:

You can reset the BIOS settings on your system through the methods given below.

Method 1: Doing it Within BIOS

You can perform the reset within BIOS just through simple steps. It is an easy and comfortable method to reset it and make your purpose of doing this to work on.

Turn on your computer for starting the process and press the Delete key on the keyboard to enter the BIOS. Search for the Factory Reset option it may differ in other BIOS having names like ‘Reset to Default’ or have been named as ‘Setup Defaults’ or with similar wording.


Open the option by pressing the Enter button and it will reset the BIOS. Then save the changes made by going to Save and Exit Setup option. The system will automatically reboot after saving the changes and you can change them afterwards if you want to do so.

Method 2: Doing it through Resetting the Jumper

For your information Jumper is small section on the hard disk allowing to close the electrical circuit of the system present on the Jumper block.

First power off the switch present on the back of the PC and move it to (I) position, if no switch then unplug the computer from power source. Open the case with the help of screwdriver as you have to now access the motherboard. Go to the motherboard you should extremely cautious while accessing it to avoid any other damage.


Locate the Jumper which will be on a three-pin jumper board covering only two out of the three pins. You can see your motherboard manual to locate it easily.

Remove the jumper from the pins comfortably. Now you must have seen that the Jumper was covering only two pins if it was covering the first and second pin then move it to second and third pin if it was on second and third one then reverse the process. Avoid the bending of the pin while doing so.


Now press the power button of the system and consciously hold it for 10 seconds. Don’t worry as the process will release any power stored in the capacitors and nothing happen as the power is off. Then return the jumper to original position.

Put the jumper back to the motherboard and close the case then switch on the power supply by switching the on the rocker switch. Power on the PC by press the front button. The BIOS will be reset and you have to fill in the time, date and order of boot.

How to Reset BIOS / CMOS Settings on Laptop and PC
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