iOS 8, the most awaited and expected operating system was released by Apple for giving the users to enjoy the new upgrade. Apple also launched the new iPhones, iPhone 6 and iPhone6 + for the people to experience the new innovations made by them through the devices made by them. The company ensured the people that the operating system will stand on the expectations and will embark the success for which iOS 8 is made. The new iOS made the Apple device users fond of it at the first look and made them to check the iOS 8 update for their device with the downloading it if the update is present.

iOS 8 and its update iOS 8.0.2 within days of its release have shown the errors, making the operating system to be a nuisance for Apple device users. There are reports showing that iOS update has a number of bugs present in it making the user to face difficulty while working on it. The common error arising in iOS 8 update is the Bluetooth connectivity, when the users connect their iOS 8 running smartphones to their car through Bluetooth the phone refuses to pair and trouble the pairing process. The users owning the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ also face the error posed during connecting through Bluetooth.

iOS 8

Bluetooth Connectivity Problem consists:

  • Refusing to pair with car’s audio system entirely
  • Disabling the user to play songs and etc, in their car through their phone
  • Disconnecting the call when connected
  • Problems when pairing with wireless speakers, headsets etc.


Methods of Solving the Bluetooth Connectivity Issue in iOS 8:

Method 1:

Apple has acknowledged the problem is working on to find the solution for ending the problem encountered by the users. There are reports that many smartphone users have found a temporary solution to this making the problem, not popping up in the device for a time.

The users formulated the temporary solution for the problem when they logged out of iCloud with forgetting the connected Bluetooth devices, making them to have to do all the pairing process with present devices again.


Method 2:

This one is a lengthy process and many people known about along with many hating this process due to the time lapsed into it. Even if you hate it you have to do it. The solution is resetting the phone to factory settings.

You have reset your device that means you have start from scratch and begin from new. Many people have found this useful and have experience no error after this. The solution is a temporary one and will make the error stop for a time being.

How to Resolve the Bluetooth Issue in iOS 8
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